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culture of Pakistan

The culture of Pakistan is diverse and complex. Before its creation in 1947, Pakistan was a part of the Indian sub continent which was attacked and ruled by many invaders. The Greeks, Persians, Afghans, Mughals and lastly the Europeans left their mark on the predominant Hindu population. The immigrants from India brought their customs when they adopted Pakistan as their homeland apart from these influences; the four provinces of Pakistan have their own traditional values. Pakistani culture is a beautiful blend of all these values bound by the religion Islam. Respect of elders and kindness toward children is very much a part of our society. When it comes to helping out the needy, Pakistan stands head and shoulders above the rest.

On the sports front, cricket is enjoyed by the whole nation. Pakistanis enjoy eating out which explains the numerous eateries in the cities. Pakistanis enjoy music and love to socialize. Shalwar (a baggy trouser loose at the ankles) is worn with a kameez a long shirt. Women also take a dupatta a big scarf. Vibrant colors are very popular.

The cultural diversities do lead to disagreements at times but these differences are short lived. Pakistan has a very rich and deep rooted culture over all.

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