Pakistani film MaheMir: The Music

MaheMir is all set to release across Pakistan on May 6, 2016. This film stars Iman Ali, Aly Khan, Hahad Mustafa and Sanam Saeed. It is being considered as an important milestone in the revival of Pakistani cinema because the film is about the life and time of famous poet Mir Taqi Mir. This is the genre which was less explored in Pakistani cinema earlier. MaheMir is thus a leap forward for the cinema.

Iman Ali MaheMir

MaheMir music is expected to be classy. And why not? If we are talking about a poet of Mir’s caliber, we cannot settle for less than  the best. MaheMir song credits are listed here:

Mah-e-Mir Songs Credits 

Song: Uss ka Kharram
Composed by: Ahmed Jehanzaib
Produced by: Shahi
Singer: Bina
Lyrics by Mir Taqi Mir

Song: Seherga Eid
Composed by: Ahmed Jhanzaib
Produced by: Shahi
Singer: Bina
Lyrics by Mir Taqi Mir

Song: Dhuwan
Composed by: Shahi
Produced by: Shahi
Singer: Rajab Ali
Lyrics by Mir Taqi Mir

Song: Jaag Musafir
Composed by: Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawal
Produced by: Shahi
Singer: Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawal

Song: Piya Dekhan
Composition: Bandish by Patiyala Gharana
Produced by: Shahi
Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

The video of first song “Uska Kharam” is already out and it has made some waves! Iman Ali looks breath taking in the video. As a courtesan, she has the poise and grace expected of her. Music of MaheMir is semi classical. It is soul touching and pleasant to hear. We are still waiting for the complete album to be released. However, the names associated with the music of MaheMir are the names to be trusted when it comes to quality of composition and rhythm in music. The songs we have listened so far from the music of Mahemir are semi classical. They are soulful, and leave you wanting for more.

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    hye there man , don’t you think there must be an option for lyrics reading . i wanted to search few lyrics of songs of mah e mir but i’m disappontied , i find those no where .

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