Pakistani Food

Pakistani food

Pakistani food has a heavy influence of the Mughal cuisine. This influence is prominent among the Urdu speaking immigrants. Also on weddings and other special occasions mughal dishes are served. Meat dishes are quite popular in Pakistan. Being a Muslim country, pork and alcohol are not consumed. Pakistani dishes are rich in spices and usually eaten with chapatti, flat bread.

The four provinces of Pakistan have their own dishes depending upon the taste and climate. Fish is mostly consumed in the costal areas of Sindh and Balochistan. Palla Fish is the delicacy of Sindh. It is the fresh water fish found in river Indus. Punjabis love to eat. Their specialty is chargha and other Barbecue dishes. Baluchistan’s specialty is saji. In NWFP salted lamb meat is enjoyed by the locals.

Western fast food outlets are gaining popularity too and so is Italian cuisine. Chinese food is as popular as the local dishes. There are other cuisines too, which are gaining popularity in Pakistan. Thai cuisine and Italian cuisine is also becoming popular. It is interesting to note that Pakistani cuisine is a mix of foods and tastes from various parts of the world. Pakistanis enjoy good food whether it is cooked in the traditional “desi” style or in the style followed in some very distant part of the world. 

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    You said right about all areas of Pakistan and their trends too. I love to eat desi food as an I am Punjabi and invite others too to try them.

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