Popular Classical Singer from Pakistan-Hamid Ali Khan

Hamid Ali Khan

Hamid Ali Khan is often considered the last true classical singer to spring out from the Patiala family. As the founders and the elders died, the Patiala house somewhat lost its true definition and the culture it had within the family. Also the interest of the audience changed to a more pop side.

Hamid Ali Khan was born in the year 1953. After the demise of his father and brother Amanat Ali Khan, he was the most sought classical singer. No doubt, he has just as good skills and a very powerful voice that can instantly win the hearts of the whole mehfil (gathering).

He is not only famous in Pakistan but India as well. Indian music lovers have also been greatly inspired by his ways and his voice; hence have approached him at number of times to sing for Indian films. Hamid Ali Khan has collaborated with several artists from India to produce fine master pieces. Along with India he has worked with many artists from the west too. His music has been famous at one point or the other throughout the west and the east.

Hamid Ali Khan like his brother and father himself too won a Presidential Award. He also is one of the very few artists who got two Presidential Awards within one lifetime. He also has won number of awards from both India and Pakistan for lifetime achievement in the genre of classical singing. He is considered to be the last legend brought up by the Patiala house since the generations before them have been buried and those next to him or with him are more inclined towards pop than classical singing.

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