Popular female singer of Pakistan: Naheed Niazi

Popular female Pakistani singer nahid-niazi-

Naheed Niazi was a popular playback singer of Pakistan. She was widely known for her melodious voice. Not only was she liked by the older group but she was equally liked by the younger generation. She was born in 1941, on the 26th of February. She is now 71 years old.

Early Career

She belonged to the Punjab region of Pakistan. She started with play back singing as her career in the late 1950s, in the year 1958- to be more precise. The first hit track that she sang was a duet with her partner singer, Ahmed Rushdi.


She went on to marry a composer from Pakistan. His name was Muslehudin. He helped Naheed Niazi with his music composition. Most of his compositions for Naheed Niazi’s songs made them a huge success. After getting married to each other, the couple moved to United Kingdom. This immigration of the couple made Pakistani cinema suffer a great deal as it lost two of the most precious pearls that made Pakistani cinema a sensation of that time.

Present of Naheed

In the later period of the 1960s, both Naheed Niazi and Muslehudin appeared in a show for children. This show was aimed at teaching them how to sing well. Both the husband and wife gave regular appearances in the show. Now a day Naheed Niazi is rocking United Kingdom with a comeback concert. Her concert’s tickets are all sold out and that shows how popular she used to be and still is.

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