Popular Pakistan TV Actor and Writer Ather Shah Khan Jedi

Athar Shah Khan Jedi

Ather Shah Khan is a multitalented, multi-faceted artist, who emphasized Pakistani Media, Literature and Performing arts in the whole world and positioned Pakistan in World Encyclopedias.

Ather Shah Khan, famously known by his own created drama character JEDI, is a blessing to Pakistan media industry. Ather Shah Khan is a Writer, Director, Producer and Poet of Radio, TV, Stage, Film and Literature. He is a great Urdu poet. His poetry ranges from serious to satirical comedy.

Ather started his career from writing for Radio, and wrote around 700 plays, among which ‘Jedi Kay Sang’ was his hit serial. He is well known for his satirical comedy. The satire in his poetry is the epitome of deep observation of society, time, life and people.

His comical character of Jedi, which brought him great fame and the love of people, was also highly acknowledged not only by the great actors of that time, like Talat Hussain, Subhani Bayounus etc. but also by social intellectuals. The innocence of the character of Jedi was a satire on our society.

The comical character of Jedi was rated the second best character after Ratan Nath Sarshar’s “Khoji”.

Ather Shah Khan was awarded the Pride of Performance (the most prestigious award of Pakistan) Award in 2000 for his creativity and effort in awakening the society and flourishing arts, media and literature of Pakistan. Ather Shah Khan is indeed a great inspiration for us and for the generations to come.


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