Popular Pakistani Actor Gulab Chandio

Gulab Chandio

Very few actors have been able to survive in the early decades of drama industry of Pakistan. Mr. Gulab Chandio was one of them. He was a Sindhi actor. Gulab Chandio was a simple man, with average looks, dark complexion, but excellent acting skills.

Gulab Chandio started his career between the time line of 60’s and 70’s. He became popular due to his negative roles in the plays. People hated him to death as a villain in the plays. That was a great success for him as an actor.

Some of his most popular dramas are Zeher Baad, Noori Jan Tamachi, Saans Ley Aye Zindagi, Bewafaiyan, Sagar Ka Moti, Marvi and Gulam Gardish.

Gulab Chandio acted in Sindhi plays as well like Noori Jam Tamachi. The play was highly appreciated by his Sindhi fans. His negative roles in Chand Girhan and Marvi brought him great fame as one of the best villains in Pakistani dramas.

Although Mr. Chandio is known as the BAD MAN of Pakistani Dramas but in reality he is a gem of a person. He is very humble and polite. He is not only a great actor but also a great human being as well. Mr. Chandio does not do acting anymore. Such actors are indeed an asset of our industry and can be an inspiration for new actors for many years to come.

Although he is not seen in any of the new dramas on T.V nowadays but his contribution to the drama industry of Pakistan will always be remembered with great appreciation.

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