Popular Pakistani Actor Salman Shahid

Salman Shahid

Salman Shahid is counted among Pakistan’s popular most actors. He has been involved in reviving and protecting the Pakistani theatre and stage performances. He mostly enjoys working with comic roles.

Salman Shahid is one of Pakistan’s popular most actors. He has not limited himself only to the silver screen but has also been a part of many plays.He is very popular for his efforts and struggle for keeping the Pakistani theatre industry alive and booming. He began with acting only at the age of seventeen. He was among the people who brought the establishment of the Dramatics club in GC, Lahore.

He has had a rich background in acting. His mom, Khursheed Shahid was a celebrated actress who did many tragic roles, contrary to her son, as he is more famous for comic roles. His father, Salim Shahid has also been pretty much involved with the acting career; he has many productions under his belts, especially the ones he produced for BBC. His most popular comic performances were observed in ‘Tal Matol’, ‘Teen Bata Teen’ and ‘Ho Bahoo’. He has also written a play titled as “Bano ko pehchano”. He was also part of the Movie “Khamosh Pani”.

The actor enjoys listening to pop and jazz now, which is contrary to classical music that he enjoyed in his childhood.He says music is a form of art that has survived the test of time. It has gone through many phases of transformations but exists still. Salman Shahid has acted in some Bollywood movies too.

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