Popular Pakistani female director/actor: Madiha Gohar

Popular Pakistani actor and director madeeha Gauhar

Madiha Gohar is a very famous female Pakistani drama and movie director. Madiha Gohar has worked tirelessly on all her projects to bring her home land pride. She dreamt of getting Pakistan internationally recognized for its rich heritage and great films and serials. Madiha Gohar is also the elder sister of the famous actress/writer, Faryal Gohar.

Madiha Gohar has done efforts ever since she stepped into the media industry. As little as she was, she learnt all the fall backs of the industry and realized that something had to be done. She took up projects that showed her individual personality and her desires. Madiha played several roles to enhance social fields and cultural fields.

Due to Madiha’s efforts and her attachment to the field she was nominated for Prince Claus Award. This award was a token of appreciation for her efforts by the Danish government to her. The award distribution was held in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

The award ceremony was attended by many prominent and leading personalities of Pakistan and of other countries. The Danish ambassador to Pakistan was also present at the occasion along with the Federal Minister of Culture of Pakistan since Madiha herself promotes and represents the culture of Pakistan in all her projects. Madiha Gohar is a very well known director who has gained recognition throughout the media industry. She has also worked in collaboration with Ajoka Theatre group for several theatres. Her theater work too was adored by all her fans.

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