Popular Pakistani Poet Jaun Ailya

Jaun Elia

Jaun Ailya was born on the 14th of December 1931 and produced wonderful pieces of art until his demise in 2002 on the 8th of November. He was not only a distinguished Urdu poet but he was also a philosopher, biographer and scholar. He was not the only creative one in his family, his brother; Rais Amrohvi was a well-known journalist and philosopher. His other brother, Syed Muhammad Taqi was a very popular Psychoanalyst as well as a journalist. Jaun Ailya married Zahida Hina who was a very popular columnist. Jaun Ailya other than possessing all these abilities and such a rich background, he also had an exceptional ability to speak various languages, some which included Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit and Hebrew.

His Literary Work

Jaun Ailya had just the right environment at house to develop his abilities that he possessed. He was so inspired and motivated that he composed his first Urdu couplet just at the age of 8. His first poetry collection, titled as “Shayad” which is an Urdu word for “maybe”, published in 1991. At that time he was 60 years of age. The preface to his book can really prove to be a great insight in the culture and traditions of the sub-continent.  Just the preface to his book can be considered as a fine piece of literature.

Praise for Jaun Ailya

“Yani” was later published in 2003. One of his good friends, Khalid Ansari got the other three of his books published. They were titled as “Guman”, “Laikin” and “Goya”. Dr. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui referred to him as one of the three most prominent Urdu Ghazal poets of the twentieth century.

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