Popular Pakistani TV Actor Shafi Muhammad Shah

Popular Pakistani TV Actor Shafi Muhammad Shah

Starting his career as just another casual voice on the radio Shafi Muhammad Shah, generally known as “Shahjee”, obtained his postgraduate degree from the University of Sindh, Jamshoro. He started acting in plays on radio to improve his acting skills and due to lack of opportunities in his hometown moved to the thriving city of Karachi for the foundation of his acting career.

He kicked off his career with PTV’s, “Urta Asman”, but the television play, ”Teesra  Kinara”, was the true foundation of his acting career  and brought him immense fame and favorable reviews. Shafi was an artist of immense caliber, his ability to adjust to any role, his versatility and the ease with which he played challenging roles were the many reasons for his success on radio, theatre, television and even films. His boundless talent projected him to great heights as a great Pakistani actor. His career span of over thirty years covered fifty drama serials and over hundred television plays in Urdu as well as Sindhi. His acting in plays like Dairey, Bund, Mohabbat Khawab Ki Surat and Gulab earned him countless awards. He was a recipient of the very prestigious Best Actor Award from Pakistan Television in 1985 and the highly revered Pride of Performance Award from President of Pakistan. He also acted in a number of films. This legend of Pakistani television passed away peacefully in his sleep due to liver failure on November 17, 2007. He was truly a great and resourceful artist who saw much fame and accolades during his acting career.

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