Popular Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani  was an actor with natural acting talent. Her acting was so natural that it won’t be wrong to say that she was  The only  female actor in Pakistan Drama industry, with whom every family can resonate as she being , either the  Apa of the family or grandmother. Her presence used to bring such a natural effect in the drama that one used to think of the family, as if it was a real family on TV.

Career highlights of Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani performed the role of  ‘Fazeelat’ in Dhoop kinaray, ‘Apa Begum’ in Tanhaiyan and Gazi Apa in Uncle Urfi. Her natural acting brought these characters to life and people resonated with the characters a lot.Madam Azra Sherwani also did commercials on TV, and had remained a part of many advertising agencies. She was great in the advertising department as well.

One cannot deny her versatility and talent. She did versatile roles and brought them to extreme perfection of naturalism. Her dramas are still watched even today. She was indeed an institute of knowledge , art and acting for  new comers in the media field.the Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani worked in many dramas depicting many roles.Late Madam Azra Sherwani started her career in 60’s from PTV. She was born in india in 1940, and died in USA on  December 19, 2005. She was the best female natural actor and a wonderful human being, she was an asset to drama industry of Pakistan.

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