Popular Pop Singer from Pakistan: Shahzad Roy

Shahzad Roy

Shahzad Roy was born in Karachi on 16th February 1977. Shahzad Roy started his music career at an early age. He got recognition due to the cute immature ambiance he had around him. Till now he has launched 8 albums out of which 5 albums have been a great hit throughout the world selling large numbers of copies.

Shahzad Roy loves to work for people, his aim is to provide as much happiness as it is possible to the underprivileged of the society. He believes that only the lawful flow of money from rich to poor can attain that. As he grew up, his songs changed greatly in context from romantic songs eventually to songs highlighting issues and problems of this society and the country as whole.

Shahzad Roy still incorporates humor into his songs so that the harsh reality of the world can be toned down and yet would be simple enough for the masses to understand and to act upon. Shahzad Roy owns an NGO, Zindagee Trust which was founded by him in 2002. He started with education and an incentive paid the children for each day that they spent in school. Along with education this trust has taken part in various civil works.

Shahzad is the youngest recipients of the very honorable Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. He also was one of the torch bearers in 2008 Olympics representing Pakistan. He also won the Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellowship award in 2008 in Chicago. Shahzad Roy is also privileged to have performed with Abida Parveen in 2007. He brought Bryan Adams to Pakistan in 2005 for a charity concert. Shahzad Roy has truly used music to heal the world as Bob Marley once had envisioned.



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