Popular Singer from Pakistan-Humaira Arshad

Humaira Arshad

Humera Arshad is one of the many prized possessions of Pakistan in music industry. Since a very tender age, she liked to accompany her mother to different majalis and milaads (functions of respect and devotion in Islam). There she not only listened to what others offered but also participated in them as well. That’s when she was initially appreciated on her vocal abilities and also thought of pursuing music as her career. She had a sweet voice and with pure dedication she prayed and sang rhythms in praise of Prophet SAW.

Humera is also one of the few pop artists who have actually received proper training of classical singing. She was polished by her masters and by the continuous attention of her parents. She learnt and practiced several raags before stepping into the industry. Humera also had the privilege at one point to study under the great legend Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. She has sung several folk songs along with ghazals and many pop songs too.

Humera Arshad has won several awards and achieved a lot during a short phase. She has released two albums in total till now, both of which were a huge hit not only within Pakistan but internationally as well. Her song, “Mein Nai Boldi” from the album “Gal Sun Dholna” is famous even to date because of its fun lyrics and a very catchy tune. Humera Arshad basically is a Punjabi singer although she has sung several covers in Urdu too. She has now been married to a renowned model that later turned his career towards acting, Ahmed Butt. Currently she is a little out of touch with the music industry but yet makes appearances on several shows and performs too. Her fans are eager to hear some new songs now.

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