Population of Pakistan

Population of Pakistan

According to the last census carried out in 1998, the population of Pakistan is increasing at an alarming rate of 2.6%. Another survey in 2008 showed a slight decline of 0.5% that is, the growth rate is now 2.1%. It is still higher as compared to the neighboring country India. The influx of refugees from Afghanistan has made matters worse. The birth rate is higher in rural areas as compared to the urban areas.

In rural areas the birth of a child, especially that of a boy, is a joyous occasion. Agriculture is the main livelihood of the rural areas. Men and women together work in the fields. As traditional farming methods are still practiced in most of the villages, most of the work is done manually. Children also help their parents in the fields. So in the villages the birth of a child means another pair of hands to help in farming. Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan. The survey showed that with an increase in the population of the province was accompanied with an increase in the agricultural output.

The government of Pakistan is taking measures to educate its masses; there is more emphasis on technological education. The younger generation will be better equipped to face the challenges in life. The skilled workers will perform more efficiently and can even get jobs abroad thereby bringing in foreign exchange.

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