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by on August 15, 2010
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Popular Pakistani squash player Gogi Alauddin

Gogi Alauddin was a famous squash player from Pakistan in 1970s. Gogi Alauddin was a sharp player and developed his own technique which was later adopted by many players. Gogi was famous for laying low till the opponent got exhausted and then went for the kill shots. His game was a combination of ball control and physical strength. Gogi faced many formidable opponents during his time the biggest being Geoff Hunt and Jonah Barrington. At that time Pakistan had many squash stars like Qamar Zaman, Hidayat Jehan (Hiddy) and Mohibullah Khan; all great names and craving a place among them was not an easy job.

Gogi was not a hard hitter nor was he super fast around the court he simply let the other player play the shots and then slowly took over the control of the game after his opponent got tired. Gogi Alauddin was the British Amateur Champion in 1970 and 1971; he won the Pakistan Open in 1972 and 1973. Although Gogi reached the British Open final twice but unfortunately could not win the title.

After retiring from squash in the late 70s, Gogi has been working as a squash coach. He served as a squash coach in Kuwait, America, Malaysia and Pakistan.

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