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by on August 5, 2010
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Famous Pakistani dress designer Nilofer

Nilofer Shahid is a respected name in fashion designing in Pakistan. Born with a creative streak, Nilofer Shahid launched her label “Meeras” in 1992. Nilofer to date remains one of the most sought after fashion designers in Pakistan who are known for the quality of their work.

Nilofer Shahid’s clothes have the traditional Moghul touch in them and show her attachment to the cultural roots. A strong touch of Islamic Art is very much prominent in Nilofer’s collection has been showcased in most of the important cities of the world. She has participated in fashion shows held in fashion capitals Paris and Milan. Vancouver, UK, Zurich, Hollywood, Middle East, India, Prague and other Asian countries are some other places where she has displayed her exquisite collections. Through her clothes, she has familiarized the world with rich Pakistani heritage.

You can see many international celebrities on Nilofer’s client list. Some big names on her list are Jemima Goldsmith, Madonna (popular singer), Royal families of Saudi Arabia and Royal families of the Western Asia. Mrs. George Harrison wife of Beatle’s guitarist is also her client. Nilofer Shahid also designed a dress for the late Princess Diana when she visited Pakistan. Nilofer Shahid’s clothes are a modern version of the Eastern traditions.

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