Pride of Pakistan – Aaminah Haq

Pakistani hot and popular model Aamina Haq

When Aaminah Haq first entered the glamorous world of modeling, she was noticed more for her parentage than her stunning looks. She is the daughter of Ghulam Mustafa Khar and Sheherzade Nilofar (wife No.3 or 5 not sure). However once people overcame their initial curiosity they saw that Aaminah was not only extremely pretty but also very graceful. Though only 5 feet 3 inch tall (not a suitable height for a model), she could carry herself gracefully on the ramp. With her raven black hair, almond shaped eyes and eastern charm, she looked like a Moghul princess in traditional clothes. She was completely at ease in western clothes as well and could carry off bold designs without looking vulgar. Aaminah had a photogenic face and made a good still model too. She has posed for all leading fashion magazines and has worked with all the leading designers.

From modeling, Aaminah tried her hands on acting. Although she seemed wooden at first but with time her acting abilities improved and her performances were applauded by the people. Aaminah has also worked in videos of songs. She has hosted TV shows as well.

Aaminah was selected by Levis Jeans as their brand ambassador. The famous model is also the ambassador of “Smile Again Foundation”, an organization of the renowned Depilex Beauty Parlor which treats poor acid attack victims.

Her international exposure is limited to some commercials mostly shot in Canada. She was also interviewed by the prestigious French magazine “Vogue”.

Aaminah married her long time friend Ammar Belal, a designer in 2009.

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