Pride of Pakistan – Akhtar Rasool

by on December 11, 2010
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Pride of Pakistan - Akhtar Rasool

Pakistan’s hockey team had many remarkable players; Akhtar Rasool was one of them. Akhtar Rasool played at the difficult position of centre forward. Sharp, technically sound and swift, Akhtar Rasool was a class in his own.

Akhtar Rasool was the son of a Dr. Ghulam Rasool Chaudary a hockey Olympian and an educationist. As long as he was a part of the hockey team, he did not let it down. He played a big part in many victories and was also the captain of the Pakistani team which won the World Cup in 1982. Akhtar Rasool enjoys the distinction of being the only player to feature on four World Cup Tournaments. He also played in three Olympic Games.

After retiring from cricket, Akhtar Rasool was elected the Chief of the PHF (Pakistan Hockey Federation). Here too he showed the same fiery spirit and worked diligently for the promotion of hockey at all levels and for the betterment of the players. He later joined politics. Despite the fact that Akhtar Rasool is not directly involved in Pakistan Hockey for some time now, he is still considered as an authority on the subject of growth of Hockey in Pakistan. He is one of Pakistan’s world cup winning captains.

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