Pride of Pakistan – Haroon Rahim: The Unknown Hero

Haroon Rahim-The Pakistani tennis player

Very few people are familiar with the name of Haroon Rahim; the tennis player from Pakistan who holds the distinction of playing in the prestigious tennis tournaments the French Open, Australian Open, US Open and Wimbledon.

Haroon Rahim was born in Lahore in 1949. His father simply loved tennis and encouraged all his children to play. Haroon’s two brothers and sister were national champions. Haroon, a child prodigy became the Pakistan National Champion and represented Pakistan in the Davis Cup in the same year. Both the achievements still stand as unbroken records in Pakistan. Realizing his potential, the prestigious University of California (UCLA) offered him scholarship. Here his skills were honed under the guidance of his coach Glenn Bassett. The trio of Haroon Rahim, Jimmy Connors and Geoff Borowiak won two NCAA titles for the university; one in 1970 and the other in 1971. He was also the winner of the NCAA men’s double title in 1971 with Geoff Borowiak being his partner.

In 1968 still a teenager, Haroon entered professional tennis and in 1971 became the first Pakistani to reach the quarter finals of the US Open doubles. Haroon participated in many grand slam events. He is the only Pakistani to win two ATP single and three ATP double titles.

In 1977, Haroon was ranked 44th the highest ranking of any Pakistani player so far. Haroon married an American lady and settled in Los Angeles. Haroon lost contact with his family and maybe that is the reason that Pakistanis are not familiar with this tennis hero.

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6 Responses to “Pride of Pakistan – Haroon Rahim: The Unknown Hero”
  1. Ryan Rahim says:

    Where did you find this picture of Haroon Rahim. His family has been looking for him. Im his nephew. We have never seen this picture before. Please contact me at 773-343-2160 Ryan Rahim

  2. zulfiqar Rahim says:

    This is not the picture of Haroon Rahim I am his elder brother and I know what he looks like. Please remove this photograph.

  3. zulfiqar Rahim says:

    I have commented on the picture in the article pride of Pakistan Haroon Rahim the unknown hero.
    Zulfiqar Rahim

    • javed qamer says:

      Dear zulfiqar:

      My son was ranked as high as number 4 in USA he has wins over Andy Roddick and Taylor Dent.
      Its only natural that people ask me about Haroon Rahim and what happened to him.
      Will you please tell me what happened to him. Did he commit suicide.
      I have been trying very hard to find out about him. I am just hitting a wall each time.

      • Zulfiqar Rahim says:

        Dear Javed,
        I just read your note today.I am sorry I have no information about him.I was living in England when he disappeared from home.Haroon did not commit suicide.We tried to look for him everywhere but couldnt find him just hoping that he will show up one day.We are told that he is in India somewhere.

    • UKA says:

      Hi Mr. Zulfiqar,

      I was wondering if I could contact you to obtain some information on Haroon Rahim’s lifestyle for a project I’m working on? I can’t seem to find any way to contact your family. Do you have an email address I could possibly contact you by?

      Urooj Azmi

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