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by on August 30, 2010
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Hashim Khan is one of the greatest sqaush players from Pakistan. He was the first ever squash player to represent Pakistan and win the prestigious British Open title in 1951. This legendary player is better known as the founder of the Khan Dynasty which was to rule the world of squash for many years to come.

Born in Noakilli in 1916 in pre partitioned India, Hashim Khan came from a humble background. His father was a steward in a club where the British officers played squash. Hashim used to retrieve the balls which went out of the court. When the officers left the court, Hashim and the other boys practised in the empty court.

Hashim got enough practice and was appointed the squash coach at a British Air Force Officer’s Mess in 1942. Hashim became the first All of India Squash champion in 1944 and defended his title for two consecutive years. Hashim chose to stay in Pakistan after its creation and in 1949 he became the first squash champion of Pakistan.

In 1951, Hashim Khan participated in the British Open Championship and won the final beating Mahmoud Karim of Egypt. At that time Hashim was 35 years old; at this age most players think of retiring but the strong willed Hashim Khan defended his title successfully for many years defeating players from Egypt, England and compatriot Pakistanis.

Hashim remained the British Open Champion five times, the US title 3 times and was the winner of Canada Open three times.

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