Pride of Pakistan – Imran Abbas

by on August 2, 2010
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Model and actor of Pakistan-Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is one of the few male models whose very first shoot captured everyone’s attention. His magnetic personality, great looks and the fact that his first shoot was with Khawar Riaz gave him a big head start. Khawar Riaz is known for grooming and introducing many new faces in the fashion industry.

Imran Abbas became popular in no time at all and his face was all over the town; if not on the TV screen then on glossy fashion magazines or on the ramp. Imran then switched over to acting and here too he proved that he was much more than a handsome face. Well known directors cast him in serials penned by famous writers. Imran’s acting skills, expressions and dialogue delivery were appreciated by the TV audience and soon Imran joined the ranks of successful actors. He has also acted in Indian dramas.

Among his TV serials, many big projects are in the pipeline some of which are joint ventures with India. Imran intends to bid farewell to the world of glitz and glamour and intends to work as an architect. We wish him all the best in life. Although he has other plans, he is loved by the young and old. He definitely has the talent. Imran Abbas has worked in a few Indian productions too, and has delivered a box office hit from bollywood called as Creature (3D). 

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4 Responses to “Pride of Pakistan – Imran Abbas”
  1. farah says:


  2. jia says:

    u r a very nice man i like u not as a modle as a humen being
    u look very nice in sanvali
    i hope u r in ur persnl lyf like this.bcoz we r muslims,i knw modling is ur carior but plz dnt feel proudly in ur lyf plz dnt mind its jst my thnking coz our piyare nabidnt like this feeling thts y i say u.
    allah negheban.
    plz gv me ur iD u lyk.

  3. Nida Faiz says:


  4. Dedek says:

    I agree Prince Imran is really greatt loooking actor. His the pride of Pakistanis.

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