Pride of Pakistan- Manzoor ul Hassan

by on December 26, 2010
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Famous Hockey player of Pakistan Manzoor ul Hassan

Manzoor ul Hassan

Gojra a small town in the Faisalabad division has produced many hockey superstars; Manzoor ul Hasan being one of them.

Dubbed as Mr. Reliable and The Great Wall of China, Manzoor playing as a defender put up an impenetrable defense. He was dreaded and respected by his opponents for his skills and outstanding play. He scored 104 goals from 154 matches. He saved numerous goals against Pakistan making him the strong weapon of the Pakistan team. Manzoor ul Hasan together with Munnawar uz Zaman made a tough winning difficult to beat combination during the 70s era. In the 1982 World Cup Tournament, Manzoor’s performance was brilliant and can be easily called one of the best performances of his life.

He later coached the national team which won the silver medal in the World Cup held at Lahore. A players’ revolt forced him to step down from the post in 1996.

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