Pride of Pakistan – Mussarat Misbah

by on August 3, 2010
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Mussarat-Misbah- the make up artist of Pakistan

Mussarat Misbah is a famous beautician of Pakistan. She opened her first beauty salon Depilex in Karachi in the early 80s. At that time fashion industry in Pakistan was in its infancy, educated people were now venturing into the field. Mussarat was soon making inroads in the fashion industry as well as gaining popularity among the Karachites for her make up skills.

She had a degree from the UK but still took up different courses from abroad in make up and hair styling to improve herself. It is largely due to her dedication that Depilex soon became a well known beauty salon. Mussarat introduced many new techniques in makeup and hair styling. She was never afraid to do experiments and often her unusual make over were applauded by people. Mussarat and her team have several fashion shows to their credit. Depilex now has branches in major cities of Pakistan and UAE. Mussarat has opened a men’s salon as well.

Mussarat is a humble down to earth person. She was moved by the plight of the poor female acid burn victims and in collaboration with a team of French and Italian doctors has launched the “Smile Again Foundation”. although there are many other women working in this field, Misbah is loved for her creativity.

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  1. shazia says:

    hello and salam my name is shazia we are so poor people and my both mother and father have died i am simple ba in art subjects i want to become a beauty expert but we have no financialy resources please can you help us you free learn us your beauty courcess and you financialy full support us i am so so disappointed to my life after death of my parents and our poor and saddish life i always keep weeping please for allah you must help us i want to get education and learn beauty cources from you you are the best and very loving to the poor people no one love the poor people you please dont disappoint us with your help our poor life will be better allah will always be happy you i like you very much but we are poor and you are high people may allah blessed allah haffiz shazia

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