Pride of Pakistan – Reshma: The Voice of the Desert

Legendary singer of Pakistan Reshma

Reshma the folk singer of Pakistan is a big name in the Pakistani music scene. Reshma was born in Rajasthan India in 1947. Shortly after Pakistan gained independence, Reshma’s family migrated to Pakistan. Her family belonged to a tribe of gypsies who reared camels and sold them.

Reshma’s talent was discovered by the Radio Pakistan, a couple of songs later Reshma became a household name. She touched the hearts of the people with her raw soul stirring vocals. Her voice was pure, deep and vibrant; truly the voice of the desert.

People were not only fascinated by her voice but also her simple ways. She never received any formal training of music as a matter of fact she never received any education at all. Reshma had her own interesting style of remembering the lyrics. She was proud of her humble origins and the glitz of the glamour world did not mar her simplicity.

Reshma had countless fans in other countries too. She also recorded a song for an Indian movie in the 80s. The song was a mega hit. Reshma has performed in many countries and was invited by many governments; all in awe of her magnificent voice and her simple personality.

Reshma currently resides in Dubai. She is suffering from cancer and like other legends whose soulful renditions had brought joy to us on countless occasions; she has been abandoned by us Pakistanis when she needs us the most.

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3 Responses to “Pride of Pakistan – Reshma: The Voice of the Desert”
  1. S Bhatta says:

    The last line is the most telling, but actually the statement should not be country specific. Here in India too, I can cite numerous examples of artists and other luminaries who were once the cynosure of all eyes, but were relegated to oblivion and neglect by the same public in their days of decline. Same is the case in other countries. Culture may be country specific, but basic human nature is not. I am a great admirer of Reshma, there never has been a voice quite like hers. It saddens me to see her in this plight. It’s a case to point that nothing is ever so fickle as public adulation and nothing so transitory as fame. How true is the ancient Latin maxim “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”.

  2. anil nagpal says:

    i know reshmajee since 1984 the most simpelest down to earth lady a true shgrid of naushad sahib received award maliaka a sehra in 2001 from indian govt may allaha tala grant her good health &long life ameen

  3. anil says:

    reshma ji is really a legendary lady. her voice is unbeateable.. please a special request to all people whether in india pakistan or in other countries help reshmaji 2 recover her gud health as before. GOD WILL GIVE U MORE IN RETURN.. Everyone wna see her singing as before 4 us,, so dnt hesitate help her…

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