Pride of Pakistan – Rubab Raza

Swimmer of Pakistan Rubab Raza

Rubab Raza is another young lady who has won laurels for Pakistan. Rubab was born in Lahore on 15th January in1991. Swimming being her passion she excelled in the sport and started participating in swimming events at an early age. Rubab has a number of national titles to her credit. At the ninth South Asian Games held in Islamabad, Rubab was the winner of two silver medals and one bronze medal.

She also participated in swimming championship events in Spain and India. Her good record won her a wild card entry in the 2004 Olympics Events held in 2004 in Athens. She was 13 years old at that time and the youngest female participant to represent Pakistan in any event.

Though Rubab Raza finished fifth and could not proceed beyond the fifth round, she made a lot of difference both nationally and internationally. At national level she became a ray of hope and an idol for many other youngsters. Internationally, she showed the world that Pakistan is not a nation of fanatics. Rubab Raza among other athletes from Pakistan has proved that given the required support, Pakistani women can prove themselves in every field of life. Women are showing keen interest in sports, and are performing well. Raza is an example of the same sentiment.  

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