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The province of Punjab in Pakistan is the backbone of the country. It is a land of high spirited people. Punjab has always been the seat of learning. The Buddhist University at Taxila is reputed to be the oldest university of the world. Punjab is dotted with ancient sites some dating back to thousands of years. The ruins of Indus Valley Civilization are found in Harappa. The Cholistan desert itself has some 300 historic sites. Multan one of the world’s oldest city is situated here. Punjab is also called the Bread Basket of Pakistan.

Punjab is the major agricultural contributor. It produces 68% of total crops grown in Pakistan. The rich alluvial soil together with abundant water supply provides favorable conditions for growing crops. The handicrafts of Punjab are exquisite and matchless and speak volumes of the people’s craftsmanship. Especially popular are the hand knotted carpets, embroidery, ceramics and glazed tiles. Sialkot the city of Punjab is a major supplier of sports goods and surgical instruments. Punjab has a fair share of monuments which are not only significant historically but are also a fine specimen of the architecture of that era. A large number of poets, intellects, sportsmen, artists, singers, actors have the honor of being associated with Punjab. Punjab is also the cultural capital of Pakistan. Nowhere in the world can you see so much diversity with harmony. Punjab is a place of colors and life.

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    The sophisticated Indus Valley followed them (or Harappan) civilisation which flourished between the 23rd to 18th centuries BC. Handiworks

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