Rawal Dam

rawal-dam of Pakistan

Rawal Dam was constructed across the Korang Nullah in 1960-1962 to supply water for domestic to the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This 700 feet long concrete dam is a fine example of stone masonry. With a storage capacity of 47,500 acre feet, it not only supplies drinking water to the twin cities but also irrigates an area of 500 acres.

The reservoir of Rawal Dam is called Rawal Lake and is spread over an area of 8.8 km square. The adjoining area around the lake has been developed as a picnic spot. Frequented by locals as well as tourists it offers various activities like fishing, boating, water skating and diving.

Rawal Lake is the natural habitat of some wild animals like the fox, jackal, wild boar and yellow throated marten and reptiles like Indian Cobra and Russell’s viper. It is a bird watcher’s paradise as a variety of birds is found here.

To capitalize on the tourism potential of Rawal Lake, a park has been developed near the lake. With the access to motor boating and other water related activities, this Rawal Park has become one of the most visited parks in the region by the local tourists. Rawal lake and the success of the park developed around it shows the rich tourism potential Pakistan has.

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