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by on November 7, 2009
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Sibi the “hottest” place in Pakistan (the temperature exceeds 50oC during summer) is situated 163 km away from Quetta. This hotspot of Pakistan is also a hotbed of history. Sibi has seen some great conquerors of the world like Alexander the Great, the Arabs, Mahmud Ghaznavi and others. It was ruled by the Ghaznavis, the Mughals, the Kalhoras of Sindh and the list goes on. The daunting hero of Balochistan Mir Chakar Khan Rind built a fort in this region, the ruins of which are still present. The British constructed a Victoria Memorial Hall now renamed Jirga Hall where annual jirgas were held. It has now been converted to a museum where artifacts from Mehrgarh are displayed.

Present day Sibi is a busy town which is well connected to the other parts of Pakistan through roads, railways and also by air. The Pir Ghaib is a beautiful waterfall and a popular picnic spot some distance from Sibi.

Another attraction of Sibi is the Sibi Mela. It is an annual affair in which animal traders from all provinces come with their animals for trading. Horse and cattle shoes, camel races, handicrafts and tent pegging are other features of this fair.

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