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by on December 29, 2009
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River Indus, the life line originates from Lake Mansarovar in the Himalayan region. It is 3180km long and after passing through many cities of Pakistan joins the Arabian Sea at Karachi. The water of River Indus is used for domestic purposes, irrigation and also to produce electricity.

Historically it is important as it has seen the rise and fall of the Indus Valley Civilization. Its banks have also witnessed the battles between the locals and invaders like Alexander the Great.

River Indus is also the home of the endangered specie of blind dolphin and is a sanctuary of migratory birds as well.

The fan shaped Indus Delta harbors the 7th largest mangrove forest of the world and is the breeding ground of various forms of sea life.

River Indus has been aptly named “the lifeline of Pakistan.” In all honesty this statement is not at all exaggerated. Pakistan is an agrarian country which relies heavily on its agricultural resources. Canal irrigation system of  Pakistan is completely dependent on Indus river. There are many dams and barrages on this river which are the reasons of high yields and excessive production of agricultural produces in the country under discussion. Indus is thus very important to Pakistan. 

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