Rivers of Muzaffarabad

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Rivers of Muzaffarabad-Pakistan

The Neelum River is named because of the bluish hue of the water. In local language, Neelum means sapphire. Originating from India, the river enters Pakistan at the Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir. It snakes through the valley until it meets River Jhelum at Domail near Muzaffarabad city.

River Jhelum is 772 km long and also originates from India. A major portion of the river around 177km lies in India. It enters Muzaffarabad Pakistan through a deep narrow gorge. River Jhelum is a tributary of the River Indus and irrigates the plains of Punjab. It merges with Chenab River and then finally with the mighty River Indus. The long journey finally ends with Indus falling into the Arabian Sea.

The Mangla Dam one of the largest earth filled dams in the world has been built over River Jhelum.

Muzzafarabad is the biggest and most important city of independent Kashmir. Accordingly, it is the most well developed city in the region too. However, being a part of the disputed Kashmir valley, primarily it attracts attention of the people due to the beauty it holds. Driving up from Murree and galiyaat up to Muzzafarabad, the road runs parallel to River Jehlum. This natural beauty of this region is the most captivating factor related to this city. 

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