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Neelum river of pakistan

This river is located in the Kashmir region of both Pakistan and India and is also called the River Kishanganga in India. The river originates from the Indian side and enters Pakistan’s territory in the Gurais sector  of the line of control running westwards meeting River Jehlum in the north of Muzzafarabad. It was given the name Neelum either because of its sky blue color or due to the precious gem neelum( ruby) which is present in the area.

The beautiful valley of Neelum located in the Azad Kashmir at the bank of the river has captivating views. This valley can be entered through two routes; one by the Neelum road from Muzzafarabad and the other by Julkhan road from Kaghan.

It is a lush green and fertile valley about 250 kilometers long stretching its ways from the District of Muzzafarabad to Athmuqan and further to Taobutt.  Neelum has always had a great importance due to its attractiveness and fertility. Tourists come here every year especially in the summers to enjoy its forests, slop hills, waterfalls, greenery and pleasant weather. Many fruits grow in this area and they taste like heaven. The Azad Kashmir department of tourism has build many Guest houses in almost all the main areas. There are many hotels of good standard at the bank of River Neelum giving a reamrkable view of the river from every window.

In 2005 earthquake it was badly effected and most of its roads were damaged becoming inaccessible for the outside world. A new international standard road is under construction

Indian goverenment has been planning a power project at the Neelum river banks by diverting the water through the mountains to Bandipore joining the Wular lake and then River Jehlum. Pakistan claims it to be against the Indus waters treaty. Pakistan has also decided to build a hydro power project acroos Jehlum with the assistance of China.

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