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by on February 2, 2011
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Zhob river of pakistan

This river is located in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The name is in Iranic and is similar to the Little Zab river and the Great Zab river of Iraq and the Pamirs. The water melting from the Sulaiman mountains forming this river which then flows through the province and drops into the River Gomal near Khajuri Kachadd. The city located at the bank of this river is called Zhob city.

The two main channels of darinage for this river are River Kundar and River Zhob whixh flow into River Gomal. The river flows from southwestern direction to the northeast and rises at Tesari Mehtarazai pass with a water shedding a distance of about 400 km. River Kundar rises from the highest point of the Tobakakar range near Sakir and constitutes the long boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Baskan, Sri Toi, Surab, Chukhan and Sawar are the other subsidiaries of River Zhob. Zhob river is of very high importance to the local community. This is because of the fact that this river flows through a region which faces drought almost every year. There are very few sources of water and thus this natural source of water is of utmost importance to the local community.

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