Rohtas Fort

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Forts in Pakistan-Rohtas fort

After Sher Shah Suri the Afghan ruler defeated Moghul King Humayun, Suri decided to build a strong complex at a point from where he could successfully block the advances of Humayun and his allies the Gakhars who refused to side with Suri.

A gorge some 16km North West of Jehlum was chosen as the site of the Rohtas Fort. The Fort is built on a hillock 300 feet and the huge complex occupies an area of 12.63 acres. Built mainly for military purpose, the fort is charming in its own strange way. The building style is a rich blend of Afghan and Hindu architecture. The fort could house 30,000 men and features such as the trap gates, massive walls, 68 towers, 3 stepped walls (called Baolis) and the fortification wall were added to make the fort almost invincible. The fort complex includes a mosque called the Shahi Mosque, Rani Mahal and Haveli Maan Singh.

The fort has 12 gates with interesting names and a few with interesting stories. The fort is decorated with engravings in Arabic and sun flower motifs, some specimen of calligraphy are also found here but the general look and feel of the fort is more of a military base rather then a luxurious dwelling. For this very reason the fort was unpopular with the Moghul kings who had a rather refined taste. this fort to the Gakhars. The Rohtas Fort still remains a grand piece of architecture.

Suri died before the Fort could be completed and Humayun the new ruler of India gave

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