Sindh – Pakistan (Map Description)

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Sindh Map, Pakistan
  • LOCATION: Southeast of Pakistan.
  • CORDINATES: 24.52 DEGREES North, 67.03 degrees East.
  • NEIGHBORS: West and North Balochistan Province

East: Rajhistan India.
North east: Punjab Province
South: Arabian Sea & Runn of Kutch

  • CAPITAL: Karachi
  • AREA: 140,914 km square
  • POPULATION: 35,470,648


  • CLIMATE: Sub Tropical with hot dry summers. Temperature can shoot up to more than 50 degrees C in some areas. The winters are cold with 2 degrees C recorded as the lowest temperature. The province receives 180mm of rainfall annually mostly during the months of July-August.
  • TOPOGRAPHY: Sindh can be divided into 3 regions:

1. The Central Alluvial Region

Due to the presence of various water sources this area is fertile and is largely irrigated. The Riverine forest of Sindh exists in this region.

2. Eastern Sandy Region

The Thar Desert exists in the East of Sindh and is spread over 45,000square km.

3. Western Rocky Region

The Kirthar Range lies in the west. The area is mostly rocky and barren due to the absence of a water source.


Sindh lies in the Lower Indus Basin. People mostly practice farming in Upper Sindh. Interior Sindh is also known for its handicrafts. Fishing is the main occupation of the people living near the coastal belt.


Karachi and Hyderabad are two major industrialized cities. The cotton industry, Steel Mills, cement factories sugar mills are some industries worth mentioning.


Sindh is the biggest producer of Pakistan’s main cash crop, cotton. Wheat and rice are also grown here. High quality fruits such as mangoes, oranges, dates, bananas and guavas are also grown in Sindh for local consumption as well as export purposes.

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