Sulaiman Range of Pakistan

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Sulaiman range of Pakistan

The major geological feature of the Balochistan Province in Pakistan and  Zabul Province of Afghanistan is the Sulaiman Range. They are located at the west of River Indus and East of Lut Desert and are the boundary between the Indian subcontinent and the Iranian Plateau. On the north of Sulaiman range are the highlands of Hindu Kush, where 50% of the lands are above 6,500 feet. This mountain range extends about 250 miles (400 kilometers) in central Pakistan generally going parallel to the River Indus.The average elevation of this range is 1,520 meters i.e. about 5000 feet.

On the northern end of Sulaiman range are its prominent twin peaks Kaisargarh and Takht-e-Sulaiman which are its highest points. The latter is also known as the ‘Throne of Solomon’ because of its shape. The Sulaiman mountains and the high plateau creates a wall against the humid winds blowing from the Indian Ocean thus effect the climate  especially of Afghanistan.

Fact sheet of Sulaiman Range in Pakistan
No. Names of Imp. Peaks of Sulaiman Range Height of Sulaiman Range Peaks (m) Location of Sulaiman Range Peaks
1 Looi Sar Naikan 3,578 Koh-i-Zarghoon, Quetta
2 Takht-i-Sulaiman 3,487 East of Quetta
3 Kaisargarh 3,441 East of Quetta
4 Loai Saar 3,472 Koh-i-Takatu, Quetta
5 Lwarrh Saar 3,194 Koh-i-Chiltan,Quetta
6 Salore Ghasha 3,184 Koh-i-Murdaar,Quetta
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