Cinema in Pakistan through decades

by on August 1, 2011
in Pakistan through decades

Pakistani cinema

Bollywood is killing our Pakistani film industry says one of our actors; our film industry has been hijacked more appropriately. Many of the cinemas have been closed and Lahore only produces 20 films a year which are of extremely low budget where as Mumbai (Bollywood) produces about 1000 of the fraction with 1.3 billion dollar budget each year.

Our great and famous Pakistani actor Ghulam Mohiudin who has done about 400 hundred Lollywood films says that our films have been replaced by Indian high budget films because our public would not like to go for low budget when they have got a far better option to follow. The legendary Pakistani actors mark 1960’s as the golden era of lollyword when the streets of Lahore were filled with art deco cinemas and packed houses. In the 1980’s we were producing about hundred films each year which were reduced to 20 a few years ago. Although now I see the Pakistani cinema rising up with the release of one of the greatest Pakistani movie Khuda Key Liye directed by Shoaib Mansoor a story of a man who was imprisoned for being a suspect of the 9/11 incident and how his brother claims to be the right Muslim. Though some of our Pakistani directors like Syed Noor and Shoaib Mansoor have tried to build up something that can catch the attention of the public but more effort is required. Today the movie land is found dead with most of them have been made car parks and other shopping malls. In such circumstances no one in the producer’s group dares to bring up money to invest on a film which wouldn’t be watched.

Let’s just imagine if you are given a choice and you have to choose only one i.e. Hollywood greatest movie Avatar and Pakistani film Mein Eik Din Laut Key Ayoonga you will definitely like to go for Avatar just because it is more technical and doesn’t have typical movie idea at least different.

With the release of Pakistani movie Bol we have seen a lot of audience moving around in the cinemas, and the ideas that have been portrayed in the film are quite different far from being certain. With the upcoming cinestar cinemas all around Pakistan there is a vast range of audience seeing entering and spending money. Now with the advancing in the theatres our producers and directors are more likely to take notice on making movies that would captivate the audience. Pakistani movie Love Mein Ghum produced by Reema Khan, one of our finest Pakistani movie actress, this movie is considered to be of the highest budget this year or over the decade. The movie has been shot in Malaysia.

We have also seen our stars migrating to Bollywood and making films there rather then Lollywood just because they are not provided with the good casting team and good choice and budget. Ali Zafar has worked on a lot of projects abroad like Tere Bin Laden and Mere Brother ki Dulhan. However the Pakistani small screen cinema has made a worth applaud progress over the years by introducing many channels. These channels hav entertained the Pakistani audience here in Pakistan and abroad with extremely good dramas like Alpha Bravo Charlie, Waris, Meri zaat zara e benishan have got the highest audience.

Pakistani Cinema has surely got a lot of potential and talent and it can be taken somewhere else like on the top but in a long time like 2 to 3 decades. However we can see the all the progress with the release of good films this year.

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Top 10 TV Dramas and TV Channels in Pakistan

by on October 5, 2009
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Alpha Bravo Charlie drama of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of immensely talented people. In every field of life it has produced outstanding people. TV dramas are an endeavor of many intelligent people. Pakistan TV dramas provided quality entertainment to people and have always been popular among the masses.

Before the advent of private channels, PTV was the sole form of entertainment. PTV dramas were usually aired at 8 p.m. Some dramas were so popular that the streets wore a deserted look whenever an episode went on air. The popularity of the dramas can be judged from the fact that people arranged their functions on the days when no dramas were shown.

Some dramas have been telecasted a number of times and are still watched with the same interest.

A list of top ten TV dramas is as follows:

1. Alpha Bravo Charlie
2. Waris
3. Khuda Ki Basti
4. Kundi
5. Dhoop Kinaray
6. Ankahi
7. Aroosa
8. Karb
9. Uncle Urfi
10. Marvi

Since its inception in 1964, TV has become a part of our lives. PTV was a state owned body. Many entertaining and informative programs were shown on TV. As it was state owned, its policy changed with every change in government which was very often. PTV aired the programs and news it wanted the viewers to watch.

However in 1989, the monopoly of PTV ended when private channel STN was issued license. Since then there has been no turning back. With licenses being issued, TV channels cropped up just as mosquitoes crop up during rains. These channels provide entertainment in the form of dramas, music programs, talk shows and telefilms. Some channels are dedicated to a specific subject only as music, sports, fashion, religion and business. The competition between the channels is so tough that to be in front the channels provide second by second coverage of any event occurring anywhere in the country. A list of TV channels is as follows:

1. PTV
2. ARY Digital
3. Aaj TV
4. Geo
5. Dawn News
6. Express News
7. Hum TV
8. CNBC Pakistan
9. Indus Vision
10. MTV Pakistan

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