Mosque of Pakistan-Sunehri Mosque

by on December 18, 2010
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Sunehri Mosque in lahore

Situated in the old part of the city of Lahore in the province of Punjab, Pakistan  is the 18th century Sunehri Masjid (The Golden Mosque). It was built by Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan the governor of Lahore during Moghul Emperor Mohammed Shah’s reign.

Located in the centre of the old bazaar, the mosque is built on a raised platform and features a grand entrance, a big courtyard, three gilded domes (a large one in the centre flanked by a smaller dome on each side) and four tall minarets which stand proudly in ach corner of the rectangular structure. The mosque is known for its three gilded domes and the gilded tops of the minarets which sparkle in the sunlight. The Sunehri Mosque is also famous for the frescos adorning its walls. To enter the mosque, you have to climb a flight of stairs. The mosque also features a spacious outdoor courtyard for prayers. As the name indicates, it is a very beautiful mosque located in Pakistan. Along with its attraction as a place to worship, it is known very well for the tourism potential this place has. People visit this masjid from various parts of Pakistan. Some outsiders also visit this masjid for the sheer beauty of it.