Art in Pakistan: Top Ten Artists of Pakistan

Anna Molka Ahmed

Shakir Ali is known as one of the pioneers of contemporary art in the sub-continent. Born in the pre partition era; he went to Europe and stayed in the cities which were known as the cradle of art. He studied under well known artists and returned to Pakistan in 1951. He joined the Mayo School of Art (National College of Arts) and later took over as the principal. An introvert at heart, his sentiments is depicted in his paintings. His style influenced many artists and his students included some great names of his time.

Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq was another revered Pakistani artist who brought honor to the country. His style is defined as modern but with roots deeply etched in the traditional styles. He was a calligrapher, a teacher at the NCA and a visiting professor in some universities of the world. His work was exhibited the world over and he inspired and influenced many artists of his time and those who came later.

Zubeida Agha was also one of the pioneers of modern art in Pakistan. Blessed with rich imagination and a unique style of painting she generously used colors to express her feelings and observations on the canvas. Agha received her training in Pakistan and abroad and holds the distinction of being the first artist to have her exhibition of modern art.

Bashir Mirza a painter par excellence was often in the limelight for his bold paintings. The theme of his paintings varied as did his style. His Lonely Girl series shook the world of art; on one hand he was criticized for his brashness then on the other hand he was praised for his bold attempt.

Another big name in the world of painting in Pakistan is Anna Molka Ahmed. A pioneer of fine arts and a professor of fine arts in the University of Punjab, Ana Molka’s style is heavily inspired by French Impressionism.


Art in Pakistan: Top Ten Painters of Pakistan

by on November 28, 2011
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Abdur Rehman Chughtai

Pakistan is the land of creative people. There are many artists in Pakistan whose paintings have made them famous internationally and have earned them a prestigious place in the world of art.

Abdul Rehman Chughtai (1894-1975) developed his own Chughtai style on the pattern of Persian and Mongol Traditional Style. His work is exhibited in many prominent places in the world including royal palaces and his admirers included the great artist Pablo Picasso himself. Apart from his beautiful watercolor masterpieces, Chughtai is also known for the creative set of stamps he painted in 1951 and his publication Murraqa-e-Chughtai in which he has artistically illustrated the sensitive yet strong verses of Ghalib.

Ahmed Pervaiz is another great painter from Pakistan. This modernist painter from Rawalpindi is well known in the world of art. His work was exhibited and highly appreciated by art lovers in the UK and other European countries and in the USA as well. Ahmed Pervaiz started his journey with water colors and towards the end of the journey he had progressed to oil paints.

Sadequain was a genius, a cult figure in the history of Pakistani art. He is famous for his murals and calligraphy. In fact he brought the art of calligraphy into the mainstream of art. His subject was the common man and his struggle which is prominent in his works.

Laila Shahzada is the first Pakistani female artist who captured international attention and has the distinction of being the first ever Pakistani to be honored with the “Keys of New York City”. Her works have been exhibited in major cities of the world.

Also known as the Imam of Art, Ali Imam was a prolific artist who spent his life in promoting art and artists in Pakistan both as an artist and as a teacher. He belonged to the first generation of artists of Pakistan and his unique style was admired and envied by many.

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