Popular Pakistani TV and film actress: Mahira Khan

 Popular female actress of Pakistani drama industry Mahira Khan

Famous Pakistani TV and movie actress Mahira Khan was born on December 21, 1982. Some people are born lucky. They get their dreams, as soon as they dream about it. Mahira Khan is one of such lucky people. To be an actor was always her dream. Her entry into the world of Pakistani dramas, as Khirad Ehsan, in Hum TV’s Drama Serial HUMSAFAR won the hearts of people throughout the country. Humsafar became one of the most famous and widely known and memorable drama in the history if Pakistani Media industry.

Mahira Khan started her media career by becoming VJ (Video Jockey) in MTV’s show Most Wanted. She also did a show Weekend with Mahira, as VJ on ARY Digital Channel. Mahira Khan is also a well reputed model. She has done various modeling shoots for magazines, clothing, and accessories of different brands. Recently, she has done a ramp walk on PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2011 wearing Umer Saeed’s collection.

Popular Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor thought of no one but Mahira Khan, when he defined the character of Ayesha in her Movie BOL. Mahira amazed the audience with her acting skills, charm and innocence in the movie Bol.

‘Kaam itna kro k thak jao’, this was once advised to a young girl by her father. And today, that young girl is living her father’s words successfully. Mahira Hafeez Khan Askari, commonly known as Mahira, Mena, or Mairu, and famously known as Khirad of HUMSAFAR, is the style idol of Pakistani media. Today, Mahira Khan is the most wanted stylish and hard working VJ, Model and Actor of Pakistani Media.

Mahira Khan got married in 2007 to a creative director of Pakistani Media, Ali Askari. Today Mahira is a mother of a 4 year old Azlaan.

Pride of Pakistan – Humaima Abbasi

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Pakistan glamorous model and actress Humaima Abbasi

Humaima Abbasi was born as Humaima Malik. She is the glamour girl of Pakistan fashion industry. Humaima began her career as a model when she was only 14 years old. She was chosen for the Fair and Lovely campaign by Saquib Malik; the seasoned music videos and commercials director. Besides Saquib Malik, Humaima owes her career to Tariq Amin the stylist who groomed her and Farieha Altaf another big name in the fashion world and a former model herself help her evolve as a model. With such big names behind her, Humaima emerged as a top model on the fashion scene. She set the ramp on fire with her stunning hot looks, was spellbinding in print and simply marvelous in TV commercials.

Humaima was also chosen as a Brand Ambassador by Sunsilk shampoo; an international hair care company. TV was the next medium which caught her attention and soon Humaima became a household name. She has many serials to her credit. Humaima has appeared in a film “Bol” directed by Shoaib Mansoor. Humaima was married to Shamoon Abbasi an actor and director of many dramas and teleplays but the couple divorced in Aril 2010.

Humaima has a promising future ahead of her.

Pride of Pakistan – Iman Ali

Famous and hottest model of Pakistan Iman Ali

The world of showbiz was not new for Iman Ali as both her parents (now divorced) were related to the world of glitz and glamour. Her father Abid Ali is a famous TV and film actor and her mother Humaira Ali was a singer.

“Bold and Beautiful” is the term used to describe Iman Ali. Tall and graceful, she is a designer’s dream. Iman Ali was introduced by the fashion photographers Ather and Shehzad. Her modeling style can be summed up in one word, natural. She is a rage on the ramp. She exudes class when she catwalks. When posing for camera, she offers many angles; no wonder she is the top model of Pakistan. Iman has worked with all the top designers of Pakistan. She has even worked for some Indian designers.

Iman Ali was selected by the Luscious Cosmetics to represent their beauty products and she is the “Face of Luscious Cosmetics”. She is also the Brand Ambassador of Jofa Textiles. Iman turned to acting and was quite successful on the small screen. She worked with Shoaib Mansoor for the first time while doing supreme Ishq song “Ishq mohabbat apna pan” where she portrayed Anarkali very elegantly. She made it to the silver screen when Shoaib Mansoor cast her for his film “Khuda kay Liye”. Iman was outstanding in the movie and her acting was appreciated by all. She also appeared in another Shoaib Mansoor movie Bol where her performance as Meena the prostitute was highly acclaimed.

Iman is extremely talented and ambitious; two things which take you to stardom.

Pakistan Film Industry

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Lollywood-Pakistani film industry

On its inception in 1947, film industry was the only medium of entertainment. Films were already being produced in Lahore before partition so with the help of some the actors, directors and technicians who either preferred to stay back or had migrated from India; film industry started taking its first steps. ‘Teri Yaad’ was the first film produced in Pakistan in 1948.

Progressing slowly, Pakistan began to produce quality movies in the mid 50s. The 60s and 70s saw the golden era of the film industry. Almost all films reached the silver jubilee mark. Films like ‘Dosti’ and ‘Aaina’ reached the platinum jubilee mark.

Regional cinema also flourished and quality films like ‘Heer Ranjha’ were produced in the Punjabi language. Sindhi and Pashtu cinema was also thriving.

The late 70s saw a steady decline in the standard of the films and the industry could never really recover from this down fall. There was a brief period in the 90s when the film industry saw a revival but it was short lived.

Following is a list of 10 best films of the Pakistan film industry:

1. Aina
2. Mola Jatt
3. Umra-o-Jan
4. Anjuman
5. Sheri Farhad
6. Heer Ranjha
7. Zarqa
8. Mera Naam hai Mohabbat
9. Aag ka Darya
10. Malangi

Khuda k liye and Bol are two recent movies made by Shoaib Mansoor. Both were commercially successful and critically acclaimed.