Pride of Pakistan – Deepak Perwani

by on August 3, 2010
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Deepak-Perwani- famous dress designer of Pakistan

Deepak Perwani is a fashion designer par excellence. He started by designing men’s apparel. He reinvented the sherwani; the traditional attire of the bridegroom in the Sub Continent. Men and boys who at first were reluctant to wear a sherwani now made a beeline for it especially if it was designed by Perwani. Perwani was encouraged by the response from the people and continued to make waves with his trendy yet traditional designs. Perwani then turned his attention towards women’s clothes and the women’s collection proved to be a success too.

Perwani’s outlets can be found in Karachi, Lahore, New York, Dallas, Dubai and London. Three times winner of the Lux Style Awards for Men’s Designs, Perwani has achieved success and fame in a short span of time. He has participated in many fashion shows outside Pakistan and has won laurels for his country. Perwani is proud of Pakistan’s rich culture and you can often see the glimpses of our rich heritage in his designs. Perwani is also known for creating the largest “kurta” of the world. He is involved with the AHAN project which helps the poor women in rural Sindh.

Perwani was chosen as a “cultural ambassador to China and Malaysia. He has represented Pakistan in a number of countries of the world and is truly the “Pride of Pakistan.”

Pride of Pakistan – Maheen Khan

by on August 3, 2010
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Popular Fashion-Designer-Maheen-Khan of Pakistan

Maheen Khan is one of the pioneers of fashion industry in Pakistan. Her career spans over thirty five years and in her long career she has done countless shows both locally and internationally. She has designed clothes for celebrities and socialites. In her own words, her clothes are for the complete woman. Her clothes exude confidence, style and elegance.

Maheen gets inspired by anything that catches her fancy. The prêt collection she showcased in the Milan Fashion Week was inspired by Khyber and the arts and crafts of the region were beautifully used in her clothes. Her collection was simply amazing and very well liked by the Italians. The Italian press called her “the Coco Chanel of the East”. The collection displayed in the Pakistan Fashion Week was based on the old Alfred Hitchcock movie “Murder on the Orient Express”. Maheen also designed costumes for Hollywood movies such as Sweeney Todd and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

She also dressed Benazir Bhutto in the green kameez and white scarf.

Creative and talented, Maheen revolutionized fashion. She is a trend setter, respected and admired by her co workers. Maheen has won many awards in the best designer category such as the Style Icon Award, Lux Style Award and the Benazir Women Excellence Award.

Pride of Pakistan – Emmad Irfani

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Emmad Irfani is a stylish male model from Pakistan. On a family member’s insistence, Emmad submitted his portfolio to the fashion photographer duo Ather and Shehzad. Emmad exceptional looks were noticed by the famous fashion designer Hassan Sheharyar Yaseen (HSY). Emmad modeled for HSY on the ramp and in the print. Looks, talent and a big break opened the doors for Emmad and he was soon seen modeling for leading designers and big labels in Pakistan.

Even lady luck favors a hunk maybe that’s why he got a chance to work with International fashion houses like Dior, Versace, DKNY, Levis and Prada when he was modeling for Nilofar Shahid in the Paris Couture Week. Emmad has also done shows for Armani in London, Milan and Pakistan. Emmad has also done TV commercials.

Emmad bagged the Best Male Model Award at the Lux Style Awards in 2005 and the MTV Most Stylish Personality Award. Emmad has been an icon for the new models who have joined the industry in recent years. Emmad’s success in the field of modeling has proved that hard work can bear fruit for the ones who have keen interest in modeling. Pakistan’s fashion world has expanded hugely in last couple of decades. People like Emmad Irfani have some credit to take for that.