Makran Range of Pakistan

by on December 26, 2010
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Makran Range of Pakistan Balochistan

This mountain range is a semi desert coastal strip located in the south of Sindh. This is the coastal area of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The countries sharing this range are Iran and Pakistan. The 1,000km  narrow coastal plain rises rapidly to form many mountain ranges, of which 750 km are in Pakistan’s territory. Although there are many other mountain ranges in Pakistan which are known for their beauty being green ranges, Makran coast boast of its own beauty. Makran coastal range has its unique attraction which is different from the greener mountain ranges but equally attractive nonetheless for the visitors.

There is an island on the coastal area of this range called Astola Island, its near Pasni city. This city is 300km from the Makran coastal area. Miani Hor and Kalamat are the main lagoons and Gawader Bay and Gawader west are the main bays of the coast.

Makran became a district within the Balochistan Province on the independence of Pakistan leaving around 800 square kilometers around the Gawader, which got transferred to Pakistan in 1958. Over the years entire area has been subdivided into smaller districts.

In 1960 an American archeologist surveyed Sokhta koh ( Burnt Hill) along the Makran coast.

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