Pakistan destination: Top ten National Parks of Pakistan

Parks in Pakistan

A park is a way of providing recreational facilities to a number of people. Not only it acts as a tourist point but also it helps the person to enjoy himself of the greenery prevalent in the surroundings of national parks. Pakistan is abundant in terms of possessing beautiful national parks that are a source of constant attraction for a large segment of people living inside and outside of Pakistan. The national parks in Pakistan are preserving natural beauty and also at the same time protecting the wild life living in these national parks of Pakistan. The significance of national parks increases in terms of securing the animals from becoming vanished entirely.  It is because of the fact that many animal species are endangered in Pakistan and national parks provide a home for these animals. There are many national parks in Pakistan but here only quite a few are mentioned. A list of the famous national parks of Pakistan with the top ten names is given below:

1)      Kirthar National Park

2)      Lal Suhanra National Park

3)      Khunjerab National Park

4)      Hazarganji Chilton National Park

5)      Deosai National Park

6)      Margalla Hill National Park

7)      Hingol National Park

8)      Chitral Gol National Park

9)      Ayubia National Park

10)   Machiara National Park

Pakistan Tourist Destinations: Top Ten Forts of Pakistan


Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage and it is depicted in the form of marvelous structure built for the defense of a state or a country. There are many forts located all around the world that are of historical significance. The main purpose behind the construction of forts was to protect a country from invaders and enemies. However, they serve another purpose also which involves making a display of one’s architecture as depicted by its significance in a culture. Pakistan is proud to have enormous forts with beautiful architecture and rich cultural significance.Ranikot, the largest fort of the world is also situated in Pakistan. The reason behind the accumulation of forts in Pakistan lies in its history. As Pakistan initially was a part of Indo-Pak sub-continent, it had been ruled over by various monarchs including Mughals who were fond of art and architecture. Here a list of the famous forts of Pakistan has been presented naming only the top ten forts of Pakistan with their respective locations. These forts are a place of frequent local visits along with being famous tourist attractions

1)      Ranikot Fort located in the province of Sindh.

2)      Baltit Fort situated in Hunza Valley

3)      Royal Fort located in Lahore

4)      Rohtas Fort situated in Dina

5)      Multan Fort located in Multan

6)      Rawat Fort in Rawalpindi

7)      Phrasal Fort in Rawalpindi

8)      Red Fort of Muzaffarabad

9)      Attock Fort of Rawalpindi

10)  Giri Fort in Taxila

Rivers of Pakistan – River Chenab

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River Chenab of Pakistan

Origin of River Chenab Length of River Chenab River System Basins of River Chenab
Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, India 1,242 kilometers Indus River System Pakistan and India

The River Chenab was called Iskmati or Ashkini in Vedic times by Indians. The river is generally considered to be the second healthiest river of Pakistan after River Indus. It originates from the Mountains of Himalayas in the Indian state of Himachal Pardesh. Passing through the area of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir the river takes a south western turn into the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The river is joined by River Jehlum at Trimmu and then by River Ravi. It then forms the Panjnad by joining River Sutlej near Uch Sharif before falling into the River Indus at Mithankot.

The waters of the river are allocated under the terms of the Indus Water Treaty between Pakistan and India. India has build many hydro power dams along the river and for that it has been storing and channeling the waters of Chenab. This is a continuous violation of the terms and conditions of the treaty and despite protesting of the Pakistani government many times the Indian government has always rejected the claims.

The importance of River Chenab is the same as Rhine is for Germans and Danube for Hungarians. The great love stories of Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal revolves around this iconic river giving it importance in the Punjabi culture.

Pharwala Fort

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Pharwala Fort of Pakistan

The Pharwala Fort is situated 40km from the city of Rawalpindi in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It was once the capital of the Gakhar Estate. The fort was built in the 15th century on the ruins of an old Hindu fort. The site of Pharwala Fort was chosen wisely as a small Himalayan range stood guard on one side and the River Soan defended it from the other making it difficult to attack and capture.

Gakhars were the rulers of Northern Punjab and some areas of Eastern Punjab were also under their control. When the first Moghul Emperor Babar invaded India, he attacked the fort but was repelled by the strong Gakhar army; his second attack was successful and the fort was conquered.  After reconciliations however, the fort was handed over to the Gakhars who remained the loyal friends of the Moghuls. In 1825, the Pharwala Fort was captured by the Sikhs.

At present the fort is in a dilapidated condition. The apathy of governments past and present has resulted in the deterioration of many landmarks. It is up to us citizens now to save these historic buildings. Located in Kahuta district, Pharwala Fort can only be visited by Pakistani citizens.