Top 5 Art Schools in Pakistan

National college of arts Lahore

The field of arts in Pakistan has had a long and varied history to boast about. There have been many great artists who have redefined art and brought it to a new level altogether. The government of Pakistan recognizes the innate talent of the people and thus, there are many art schools or institutions in Pakistan. Some of them include the Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi School of Art, Beacon house National University and National College of Arts which are the top 5 art schools in the country.

One of the best is the Hunerkada group consists of professionals who strive hard to achieve a utopian society of sorts through depictions in their creations. They realize that Pakistan is one of the oldest living cultures and at the same time, one of the most misused and misdirected cultures. It tries to make people understand the benefits of a good society where it pays to be a single entity and work towards the general welfare of all. Most of the art schools in Pakistan have thematic presentations towards a general idea which their group tries to portray.

There are a host of old art colleges in Pakistan which have acquired a great deal of respectability and gravity over the years. A number of colleges exist which have been identified as some of the best in imparting education on the art subjects. One of the best among the many is the National College of Arts, Lahore which was previously known as the Mayo School of Industrial Arts. This art college was set up to commemorate the death of Lord Mayo who passed away in 1872. The first principal of this erstwhile art college was to be Lockwood Kipling who was also the curator of the college. The principal was better known for his son who was the famous author, Rudyard Kipling.

This college was renamed in 1958 under the West Pakistan government who christened it as the National College of Arts. The college which had provided ample quality of education in carpentry, black smithy, gold smithy, pottery, needle-work and the like confines the realms of all its departments under three heads, namely the Fine Arts, Design and Architecture. This art college of Pakistan was further promoted to the status of a Centre for Excellence in Arts in 1972 and it got its own seat of directors and the power to take its own decisions.

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