Pakistan Tourist Destinations: Top Ten Forts of Pakistan


Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage and it is depicted in the form of marvelous structure built for the defense of a state or a country. There are many forts located all around the world that are of historical significance. The main purpose behind the construction of forts was to protect a country from invaders and enemies. However, they serve another purpose also which involves making a display of one’s architecture as depicted by its significance in a culture. Pakistan is proud to have enormous forts with beautiful architecture and rich cultural significance.Ranikot, the largest fort of the world is also situated in Pakistan. The reason behind the accumulation of forts in Pakistan lies in its history. As Pakistan initially was a part of Indo-Pak sub-continent, it had been ruled over by various monarchs including Mughals who were fond of art and architecture. Here a list of the famous forts of Pakistan has been presented naming only the top ten forts of Pakistan with their respective locations. These forts are a place of frequent local visits along with being famous tourist attractions

1)      Ranikot Fort located in the province of Sindh.

2)      Baltit Fort situated in Hunza Valley

3)      Royal Fort located in Lahore

4)      Rohtas Fort situated in Dina

5)      Multan Fort located in Multan

6)      Rawat Fort in Rawalpindi

7)      Phrasal Fort in Rawalpindi

8)      Red Fort of Muzaffarabad

9)      Attock Fort of Rawalpindi

10)  Giri Fort in Taxila

Pakistan Tourism: Top Ten Glaciers of Pakistan

Glaciers of Pakistan

Glaciers are made up of mass snow accumulation on a land over a long period of time. Glaciers vary according to their sizes and play a major role in keeping the atmosphere cool. There are many glaciers in Pakistan that are famous as trekking sites and tourist attractions. Most of the glaciers are located in Northern areas of Pakistan, especially around Karakoram mountain range. These glaciers are a special focus of attention for travelers all around the world and are frequently visited by people coming from all parts of the world. Their undisturbed beauty and lack of pollution in the surrounding environment makes them great trekking locations. The glaciers are a valuable asset of Pakistan because of helping the region keep its temperature normal which would have been enormously hot. These glaciers also add to the scenic beauty of Pakistan making her a beautiful country with rich natural scenery. The glaciers are quite large in number and therefore all of them cannot be mentioned here. However, a list of top ten glaciers of Pakistan on the basis of being the largest ones with their locations has been jotted down below:

1)      Siachen Glacier at Karakoram range, Baltistan

2)      Batura Glacier at Karakoram range

3)      Hispar Glacier at Karakoram range

4)      Biafo Glacier at Karakoram range, Shigar

5)      Baltoro Glacier at Karakoram range

6)      Yengunta Glacier at Karakoram range, Baltistan

7)      Chianter Glacier at Hindukush, Chitral

8)      Tirich Mir Glacier at Hindukush, Chitral

9)      Chogo Lugma at Karakoram range-2

10)  Passu Glacier at Karakoram range, Hunza Valley

Lakes of Pakistan – Borith Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Borith Lake - Hunza, Northern Areas

Location Surface Elevation Water type
Upper Hunza 2,600 m 

8,500 ft


This lake is situated in the Northern part of Pakistan. Borith is a hamlet around the lake to the north west side of a village near Gulmit called Hussaini, located in the upper Hunza valley.

This lake is located about two kilometers to the north of Ghuylkin. It possess saline water with an elevation of about 8,200 feet. To reach to this lake jeeps have to be hired. The route taken from the Hussaini village to the Ghuylkin is approximately 2 kilometers long. If you want to take a treking route, the distance is covered in almost 2-3 hours directly from Ghuylkin across the end of Ghuylkin Glacier. It is an important bird santuary of wildfowl so if you like bird watching this is a nice route to take. Large number of ducks also arrive here from the warmer, southern part of the country. The best time to visit this area would be March to June. The birds migrate to this area to the cooler waters and in the winters they move back to the southern areas. One more hour walk and you will reach the Ghuylkin Glacier and if you follow the treking route Borith lake will be reached.

A relatively longer trekking route can be taken if you like to visit the Passu Gar Glacier by continuing the journey south ways from Borith lake.

Travel Pakistan – Hunza River and Khunjerab Top

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Hunza river

The Hunza river-beauty at its best

Hunza River is the main river in the Hunza valley and it is the source of life for the Hunza valley and its surroundings. There are a few hanging bridges over the Hunza river which make it a must to see river. These hanging bridges are very old and they are at a great height hence they present a very eye catching scenery.

The Hunza valley depends upon river Hunza for water. The river finally flows into the Indus River which then discharges itself into the Arabian Sea near the port of Karachi. The Gigot River and Naltar River also fall into the Hunza River and hence join the great Indus River.

This river flows from north to south and cuts the great and mighty Karakoram Range. The Karakorum highway also crosses the river before it enters the valley of Hunza. At the point of crossing a bridge is built which is known as KKH (Karakorum Highway) bridge.

Khunjerab Pass-the highest paved path in the world

The Khunjerab pass is a mountain pass in the North of Pakistan along with the Pakistan-China border. The Khunjerab pass is famous for its height as it is the highest point on the Karakoram highway and not only that; it is also the highest paved crossing in the entire world. The Khunjerab pass is 870 km away from Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan and it was completed in 1982.

If you are planning a tour then make notice of the fact that the pass is closed between November 30 and May 1 due to heavy snow fall. The path is covered with snow during these months.

There is a national park in the vicinity known a Khunjerab National Park. This park has the Snow Leopard which is an endangered species. This climate is ideal for the leopard and the Government is trying to preserve the species by taking care of it.

Travel Pakistan – Places to visit in Gilgit and Popular peaks of Hunza

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Gilgit city Pakistan

Places to visit in Gilgit:

You can reach the beautiful Gilgit city by air using the PIA’s ATR 42-500 which flies twice from the federal capital, Islamabad. Gilgit is the capital of Northern Areas of Pakistan. It attracts thousands of visitors every year due to its splendid scenery and magnificent mountains. The places that are worth a visit in Gilgit are numerous. Here are a few of the most fascinating placing that a visitor must visit.

1- You will have to move 10km away from the Gilgit city to reach the beautiful Buddha picture carved on the mountain. This Buddha has many traditions. The most famous tradition tells us that it was a monument of victory built by Taj Mughal.

2- The valley of Naltar is only 35 Km away from the city of Gilgit and it is the most beautiful valleys in the entire region. It is known for its beautiful lush green pastures and scenery. The pine village in the Naltar valley is a place that you should not miss in any case.

3- It takes three hours to reach another beautiful sight known as Hunza valley. Hunza valley is strikingly beautiful and it has the world’s most beautiful peaks like Rakaposhi and Ultar Sar.

3 most beautiful mountains in Hunza Valley:

The Hunza Valley is arguably the most beautiful place in Pakistan. It has beautiful mountain peaks, very hospitable people and a very rich culture. The Hunza Valley is also famous for its dry fruits. Apricot of Hunza is known all around the world.

This valley has the world’s most beautiful mountain peaks which include the magnificent Rakaposhi. Rakaposhi is 7,788 meters high and it is ranked 27th in the world and 12th in the Pakistan. But if you rank it for beauty, it will be among top three in the world. Its local name is DUmani which means ‘mother of mist’.

Ultar Sar is another beautiful peak in the Hunza valley. This mountain is 7,388 meters high and has a very steep rise. This mountain looks magnificent as the river bends around the mountain.

The Hunza Peak is arguably the 3rd most beautiful peak in Hunza valley. It is 6,270 meters high and it was climed in 1991 by a Swedish expedition which was followed by a British expedition. Both used different routes but same style (alpine style) to climb the peak.