Why we love Pakistan? Because of its resilient and determined people!

Why we love Pakistan? Because of its resilient and determined people!

The more we dig in to know what Pakistan means to its people, the more we come to know of the passion and zeal Pakistanis have to do something for this country. One such heart touching and dignified proclamation has been made by Farheen Zaki who once was hardcore bank employee and now is playing a housewife role. Lets hear Farheen’s love for this beautiful country:

“It is quite natural to love your native country and I love Pakistan for the same reason.I t was a dream of Iqbal and fruit to the years long struggle and sacrifices of our ancestors under the dynamic leadership of our Quaid. Freedom is indeed a great blessing.Ask about it from the Muslims of Palestine and Kashmir.”

“Pakistan is not an ordinary country to love only for this common reason. It is the land of ancient civilization with rich cultural foundations.Its people are the proud inherent of Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa. It is blessed with all the natural resources and scenic beauty of Mother nature.It holds 4 out of 14 highest peaks in the world, 2nd largest salt mines,world s largest deep seaport and one of the largest deserts of the world. It also holds worlds 7th largest standing Arm force(pride of our nation) and is the 7th nuclear power of the world. The Karakorum highway it possess is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.”

“Pakistan is a land of fertile soil, diverse wild life, fresh water lakes, serene beauty and a long coastal line. From the snow capped peaks of Himalayas in the north to the mangroves of the Indus delta on the other end, Pakistan is a true picture of Allah’s glory. I recently took a road trip from Lahore to Karachi and witnessed how the rich fertile land of Punjab turns into the mystic desert of Sindh. Within hours the whole scene changed even the color of the soil, cattle, atmosphere, language, dresses and crops changed. The diversity of our country is unique.”

“But the real power of this country is its people. People with strong determination, people who have lived in hard times and emerged as united nation after every calamity. It has been very unlucky as far as leadership is concerned. But it does not belong to the few elites who have been ruling it since the independence. It belongs to the farmers and workers and every citizen of this country. Pakistanis have been resilient enough to withstand injustice, corruption and terrorism year after year. We as a nation have always stood united and helped each other in times of need.”

“Who says Pakistan has not grown in these 63 years. It is the same country which didn’t have office stationery at the time of its birth and today it’s a nuclear power and thus a threat to the so called super powers of the world.”

“Pakistan is ‘The Land of the Pure’. Each day the sun rises with new hope. I am quite sure that this nation who has survived famines, threats, blood sheds, natural calamities, injustice, exploitation, corrupt leaders and heavy criticism from the West can literally survive anything. We as a nation if stand united, rely on our own resources and put all our belief in Allah Almighty can defeat all enemies. This country has seen the worst now only good will happen and if my Allah stays with us we shall sooner or later see this country win for itself a place of great honor and pride. This is the only country taken in the name of Islam. If we all stand united under the umbrella of this ideology no one can degrade or defame us any longer. It is the time to strengthen our bond and stand upright in front of our enemies and win back our pride. And for the people who think this country is a shame and it will soon banish from the map of the world I have only one sentence.”

“Pakistan – Love it or Leave it.”

Why we Love Pakistan? Because it completes our hollow structure


The more you talk to people and try to know their emotions about Pakistan, the bigger picture changes not only for this nation but for the entire world. No wonder that the unconditional love and high spirits of this nation are driving force of this country. Muhammad Waqas Iqrar, a young chief operating officer and co-founder of Goodlogics shares his beautiful emotions with us as follows:

“Pakistan… It’s something part of my entity. I belong to the family who travelled across Arabian deserts to settle in this land of God. They had to migrate within this Indus soil many time before and after independence. My Immediate forefather had to start their lives a couple of time from scratch in this homeland yet they had marvelous satisfaction, courage and hope within which even can’t be seen in people living for centuries here. They share stories hardship of freedom struggle, living in shelters, Hajji Camps & moving on and on never complaining for anything. I think I inherited the same love & spirituality for this homeland instead of biasness & prejudices. I started my life from zero itself, with no vision & clear path to but by the Grace of Allah almighty, this homeland created paths for me to follow and made me what I am, and will be whole my Life.”

“If I have to tell why I love Pakistan, I seriously won’t be able to put words to it. I think love knows no reason no expectations, pre-conditions to exist. I don’t have any contradictions associated; it has my identity, my religion everything. Sometimes like a perfect motherhood. Finally If Pakistan is dragged out of me, there won’t be anything but a shallow structure or living thing will be left.”

“I know one thing, Pakistan came into being when my Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) predicted about it & When He (Peace Be Upon Him) forgave the Taif people for their brutality. It just got the name of ‘Pakistan’. We have disintegrated in 1970 and many time before it as well, so we can be in future as well, but every time we fall we get up with new zeal and courage. It’s not confined to a piece of Land or any ethnic group. In fact let me say currently most of the people living in it doesn’t really belong to it specially people who matter the most.”

“So talking about the future of identity & ideology of Pakistan, it will exist and remain till the Dooms day, till as single person who belongs to the Prophet of God (Peace Be Upon Him) & the way of Life Allah send to us. People living in this piece of land will learn their lesson hard way and we will eventually rise to the sky. We are very fertile nation producing traitors but we too had some gems who sacrificed their lives & honor even for it. So hopes are high and I believe that 60 plus years are too few to judge the fate & course of Pakistan.

Mangroves and other forests of Pakistan

Mangroves and other forests of Pakistan

Forests in Pakistan:

Forests are the best gift of nature. Besides beautifying the country, forests are beneficial as they check pollution, prevent flooding of rivers and provide fruits and raw materials such as paper and timber. They are also a means to promote tourism and are a natural habitat for wildlife.

The forests of Pakistan vary depending upon the physical features and climate of the province. In the northern areas we have a lush growth of Alpine and coniferous forests. Both require minimum sunlight and can survive in low temperatures.

Shishum, babul and other valuable variety of trees grow in the plains of Punjab. The arid areas of Sindh and Baluchistan are covered by thorny bushes and shrubs. Juniper forests are found in Ziarat in the Baluchistan province.

The Indus and Hub delta are a home of mangrove forests. These are special plants/trees which can survive in the salty sea water. Besides these naturally occurring forests, there are some forests planted by humans. The Changa Manga near Lahore is a best example of human planted forest.

Mangrove forests in the Indus and the Hub Delta are the 5th largest Mangrove ecosystem in the world. Due to lack of awareness, they were not given much importance and the mangrove trees were cut mercilessly for domestic use for the locals but now with the realization of their significance, the government and the people are taking steps to conserve it.

Significance of Mangroves

Mangroves contribute to the economy of a country. Fishing industry is an important industry of Pakistan. Pakistan exports shrimps, prawns and fish to other countries. The mangroves provide a breeding ground to these species. In this way mangroves provide employment to the people as most of the locals in that area are associated with fishing in one way or the other. The mangroves also provide fuel wood, fodder for cattle and grazing grounds for camels. Chemicals are obtained from mangroves.

Mangroves protect and stabilize the shore line and are nature’s way to check Tsunami. The mangroves along the coast line of Pakistan are a sanctuary to migratory birds as well. In Pakistan, the mangroves are at the risk of extinction. The ever increasing population and industrialization pose the biggest threat. Large areas have been wiped out to make place for buildings.

Steps taken to conserve Mangroves

To save mangroves in Sindh the WWF has set up 2 mangrove nurseries and have planted around 10,000 saplings. Locally managed nurseries are also operating. Areas cleared have been replanted. Hopefully we will be able to save our mangroves.