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Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF)

Famous Pakistani squash players: Jahangir Khan and Jansher Kahn

The development and governing of Squash is done by the Pakistan Squash Federation. It is associated with the WSF World Squash Federation and ASF Asian Squash Federation.

Founded 1950
President Rao  Qamar Suleman (Air Chief)
General Secretary Abdul Wahab Marwar (Wing Cdr)
Most famous players Hashim Khan, Jahangir Khan, Jansher Khan

The Khan Family in Squash

Pakistan has proudly made great success in Squash within and outside the country since 1950. Hashim Khan was the first player who put Pakistan’s name on the top list of world squash players. He had great grip on his game with his wisdom and speed. He ruled the world of Squash for almost three decades. The talent he had is still travelling in his family generation after generation. The great names in squash like Azam Khan was his brother, Roshan Khan his cousin and Sharif Khan his son, Mohib ul Allah, Qamar Zaman and Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan his nephews have conquered the Squash world for decades.


Championship Player Year Position
World Open (Individual) Jahangir Khan 1981 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jahangir Khan 1982 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jahangir Khan 1983 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jahangir Khan 1984 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jahangir Khan 1985 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jahangir Khan 1988 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1987 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1989 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1990 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1992 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1993 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1994 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1995 Gold Medal
World Open (Individual) Jansher Khan 1996 Gold Medal
10th South Asian Federation Games(Srilanka) Mansoor Zaman 2006 Gold Medal
10th South Asian Federation Games(Srilanka) Amir Atlas 2006 Silver Medal
11th South Asian Federation Games(Bangladesh) Amir Atlas 2011 Gold Medal
World Junior Squash Championship Farhan Mehboob 2011 Silver Medal

Pride of Pakistan – Majid Jahangir Khan

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Pakistani batsman Majid Janagir Khan

Majid Khan; a brilliant batsman from Pakistan made his debut against Australia in Karachi in 1964. His father Jahangir Khan used to play cricket for India .Majid’s cousins Imran Khan and Javed Burki were also cricketers.

Majid Khan began his career as a pace bowler but back injury and a dubious bowling technique turned him into an occasional off-spinner and a batsman. Now more focused on batting, Majid Khan soon became brilliant with the bat. He came into limelight when he hit 5 sixes in an over off the bowling of Roger Davis of Glamorgon. He faced the fast bowlers comfortably and one of his career best performances is against the West Indies (1976-77). Majid Khan scored 530 runs in 5 tests in that particular series against an intimidating West Indies team. His highest score in that series was 167 runs in the Georgetown test and he also managed to take 4 wickets for 45 runs in that particular test. Majid Khan played for a couple of English counties, Queensland Australia and domestic teams like PIA, Rawalpindi and Punjab. His best ODI performance was 109 runs against England at Oval in 1974.

Majid Khan used to open the innings for Pakistan along with Sadiq Mohammad; together the couple gave a stable start to the team. Majid Khan played a total of 63 tests for Pakistan and scored 3931 runs (8 centuries) at an average of 38.92. Hid ODI figures are 786 runs in 23 matches with an average of 37.42. Majid Khan has an impressive first class record of more than 27,000 runs with 73 centuries and 128 fifties.

The Khan family became the second after the Headleys (from West Indies) to have three generations of test cricketers when Majid’s son Bazid Khan made his test debut in 2005. Although retired Majid is still actively involved in cricket.

Pride of Pakistan – Roshan Khan

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Legend and famous Pakistani squash player Roshan Khan

Roshan Khan is the third king of the Khan Dynasty who ruled the world of squash. Pakistan is the home country of many Squash greats, Roshan Khan being one of them. Distantly related to the founder Hashim Khan, Roshan reached the final of Pakistan Open in 1949 but was beaten by Hashim. However from 1951 till 1953, the Pakistan Open title was his. In 1956, Roshan was the runner up to Hashim in the British Open Squash Championship. The following year Roshan avenged himself by defeating Hashim Khan in the final of 1957 British Open. Roshan was again beaten in the final of the British Open in 1960 by Azam Khan a fellow Pakistani. Roshan Khan won the North American Open in 1958, 1960 and 1961. He was also the Canadian Open champion two times. Roshan was a great player of squash but his game was over shadowed by that of Hashim and Azam Khan, the pioneers of squash in Pakistan.

Roshan Khan coached his sons Torsan Khan and Jahangir Khan. Torsan was ranked 13 in the World Ranking died of a heart attack in 1979 while playing a tournament in Australia. Jahangir went on to become the greatest squash player the world had ever seen.

Roshan Khan died on 6th January 2006 at the age of 78.

Pride of Pakistan – Jansher Khan

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Famous and greatest Pakistani squash player Jansher Khan

Jansher Khan is another squash player from Pakistan who has dominated the squash scene for many years. The former world number 1 was born in Noakili a town near Peshawar on 15th June 1969. His brother Mohibullah Khan (also ranked World Number 2) and Atlas Khan were also great squash players. When Jansher entered the squash arena, another Pakistani player Jehangir Khan was the World Number 1 player who totally dominated the squash scene. The five and a half years long reign of Jehangir Khan ended when Ross Norman of New Zealand defeated him in the World Open Championship in 1986. With Jehangir’s defeat, people thought that Pakistan had lost its supremacy over squash but Jansher was quick to restore the honor when he beat Australian Chris Dittmar in 1987 to win the coveted World Championship title for the first time. Jansher had earlier defeated Jehangir in the semi finals.

From then onwards all the major squash championship titles yo-yoed between Jehangir and Jansher. They played a number of matches and out of the 37 big events; Jansher won 19 whereas Jehangir was victorious 18 times. Jansher has 8 World Championships, 6 British Open, 6 Hong Kong Open and 10 Pakistan Open titles to his credit. During his time, Jansher played against some of the big names of the squash world and was victorious most of the time.

Jansher’s personal life was marred by many controversies but his dedication, devotion and professionalism towards squash remains unmatched. The winner of 99 international titles and the six times world number 1 announced his retirement from Squash in 2001.