Tourists Attraction: Kalashi Festivals

Chilam Joshi festival of Kalash

Kalashi festivals are famous through out the world. Three festivals are more important celebrated in different months of year. Chilam Joshi is the mot important festival celebrated in late May, Uchal in autumn season and Chomos festival during mid winters.

Chilam Joshi festival of Kalash valley is of four days. It starts at Rumbur valley and then move on to the other valleys. In this festival Kalashi people pray for the safeguard of their fields and animals before going to their fields and for this purpose they used to spread milk on their gods.

Uchal festival is celebrated at the time of harvest of wheat and barley. For this festival Bamboret and Rumbur valleys of vale of Kalash are important because these are main areas for the cultivation of these crops.

Chomos festival is to celebrate upcoming New Year. In this festival all the older members of Kalash valleys they sit on the top of the hills and observe the initial light of the sunlight spreading over the valley and then they announce the arrival of New Year. Until this announcement all the Kalshi people remained in their homes. It is the tradition in Kalash to welcome the New Year with the sacrifice of goats and other animals in order to make their goddess Jastak happy. These festivals are as important part in their life. They used to wear special dresses.

People of Kalash valley love music and dance on the beat of drums. Women dance in circle on different songs. An interesting fact about Kalashi people is that they do not mourn on the deaths. They corpses are buried above the ground in wooden boxes instead of being buried in the ground.


Tourists Destinations: Kalash Valley of Pakistan

Kalaash-valley of Pakistan

Kalash Valley

Kalash valley of Pakistan is major attraction in the Chitral District, surrounded by Hindukush Mountains. Native people of Kalash Valley are residing n three valleys of name Bamuburet, Birir and Rumbur. Bamburet is the largest valley and a large number of Kalashi people wearing black robes lives here. These valleys are present near the river Kunar. Bamburet valley of Kalash is present at a distance of 40 Kms from the Vale of  Chitral and is connected by a jeep able road.

Kalashi people are considered as the natives of Chitrali people, and their forefathers have migrated from Afghanistan in 2nd Century BC. Kalashi people claimed that they are the descendants of army of the Alexander the great or even of Alexander himself. Alexander along with his army passed through this area in 327 B.C.

Kalashi women are famous due to their colourful hand woven dress. They wear black robes and cover their heads beautiful headgear made up of wooden black material decorate with buttons , shells and large coloured feathers. People of Kalash valley attract the tourists due to their way of dressing, religious beliefs, traditions and festivals.  These people have their old unique belief system which they even follow now days. They worship their religious God named as KHOWAR.


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