Lakes of Pakistan – Subri lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Subri Lake - Muzaffarabad

Location Birth
Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir 1975

This lake is also called Langarpura Lake. It is located  near Muzzafarabad, the capital city of Azad Kashmir. This beautiful city is located at the confluence of the two rivers namely Neelum and Jhelum between the majestic mountains. River Jhelum passes from East to West joining River Neelum at Domel in Muzaffarabad. The combining of the two waters with moutains on the sides looks appealing even without actual visit.

The Upper Jhelum valley is another beautiful area near Muzafarabad. The road under the Domel bridge will take you to the old way to Srinagar. It’s a broad valley above the river. About 10 kilometers from here, the curling  river widens to form a small lake called the Subri( Langarpura) Lake. Maize and Rice fields surround the area. This lake was formed due to the landsliding. In 1975 a cloud burst over the nearby hill and this lake came into existence. There is a small Ansler’s Hut beside the lake to attract tourists. Further on this road is Ghari Dupata, it’s a small town which is another place worth visiting.

Lakes of Pakistan – Shonter Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Shonter Lake - Neelum Valley

This is a small but very beautiful natural lake. It is located in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. It is also called the Jewel of Neelum because of its unique beauty and spectacular view.

The trek to the lake is a bit tough so is only recommended for regular trekkers. The Neelum Valley from  Kel divides into two sub valleys namely- Shonter valley and Graze Valley. From the Domail Bala ( Neelum Side) it takes around a day long climbing to reach to this lake. After this point there are very residents. You might find few summer huts of locals on the lake. The lake has a breathtaking beauty and is surrounded by mountains with mighty heights.

Horses can also be hired from Kel and now there is also a jeep route to reach the lake. The other beautiful sites nearby which you will visit on your way to the Shonter lake are the Shonter and the Kamri Pass. Neelum valley in Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan is well known to the tourits. This is one region of the world which is home to so many lakes which attract tourists. Shonter lake is one of these lakes too which receives many visitors every year.

Lakes of Pakistan – Namal Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Namal Lake - Mianwali

Location Surface Area
Namal Valley 



This name was given to the lake by the locals. It is a mixture of two Punjabi words ‘Na’ meaning No and ‘Mul’ meaning Price. That means ‘Anmool’ in Urdu and ‘Priceless’ in English. Namal Dam was constructed on this lake in 1913, which is located around 32 kilometers from the city of Mianwali, Punjab. Residents of Mianwali had inadequate supply of drinking and irrigating water and to meet their needs British engineers constructed this dam. Then with the new That Canal and many tubewells installed in the area it s usage was shrunken down. Mountains are on the south and the west side of the Dam and on the other two sides are the vast agricultural lands.

The gates of the dam are repaired by the irrigation department regularly but without enthusiasm. The hill torrents and rains fill the Namal Lake round the year. Due to a drought-like situation in the country, this lake dried up last year, which is the first incident of its kind during the last 100 years. Presently, its condition is very bad

The gates of the Namal Dam are regularly repaired by the Department of Irrigation. Rains and hill torrents have been bringing in water to the lake for years. The condition of this lake was not very good last year because it got dried up.

Lakes of Pakistan – Dudipatsar Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Dudipatsar Lake - Kaghan Valley

Location Elevation Water
Kaghan Valley 

Khyber Makhtunkhoya


12,467 ft


‘Dudi’means white and the word ‘Sar’ means lake. This lake is also called Dudipat Lake.  The name has been given to the lake because it is surounded by white snow capped mountains. It is located in the north of Kaghan Valley, about 4 hr drive from Naran. The area opens every year from June to September only, because of heavy snow in the rest of the months. It is better to visit after 25th of July. Visitors have to trek for about 6-8 hours from the Besal, not even jeeps can go there. The initial 4 hrs are the toughest as it involves steep climbing. There are some flat valleys and very beautiful views on the way.

The lake water is of greenish blue color and is always icy cold.In summers the water gives mirror like reflection which is worth watching. It is not recommended to track here in snow due to high chances of avalanches.

The lake was a fishermen’s paradise but illegal fishing has reduced the number of fish drastically. The lake is not visited by a large number of people because of the hard hiking trek. But this has kept it s natural beauty quite entact. The Government of Pakistan is trying to build new roads to increase accessibility to this lake.

Lakes of Pakistan – Hadero Lake

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Lakes in Sindh- Hadero Lake

Location Water type Surface Area
Thatta, Sindh Brackish 1,321 Hectares 

5 sq.miles

This is an important brackish water lake situated in District Thatta of Sindh.It is at a distance of about 85 kilometers from Karachi. In 1977 this lake was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the Government of Sind, to protect and conserve wild life in and around the place. It is a beautiful tourist attraction of the region.

Initially the local fishermen were allowed to catch fish from the lake,because it was there livelihood. But they were not allowed to disturb the birds in any way. These strict rules to protect the birds have moved their number to a fairly large scale. The lake is the property of the Government of Pakistan and initially shooting was also allowed but then in 1971 it was forbidden. The Department of Wildlife Sindh has employed special staff for regular monitoring of this important santuary and these employees are given quarters to live near the lake.

Orionthologists love this lake because of the presence of so mant species of birds. This lake is home to variety of migrating and resident birds like Swans, Qual Wigeon, Spoon bill, Osprey,Common Teal, White-eyed Bazzard, Storks, Pelicans, Black headed Gull, Curlew,Common Crane, Avocet, Grey Partridge etc

Lakes of Pakistan – Kallar Kahar Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Kallar Kahar Lake - Chakwal

Location Water
25km southwest of Chakwal , Punjab 

125km from Rawalpindi


On the motorway near the shrine of Saidan Shah Kallar Kahar lake is situated.  It is a beautiful lake. The main attraction of this area is the lake with beautiful natural gardens, boating and the shrine of Abdul Qadir Gilani. There is also a  hindu temple of Shiva at Katas which is as old as 10 th century AD and there are other temples around it. The historical importance of this temple complex and the architects of these buildings are worth watching. The TDCP has built a restaurant and a small motel on the lake attracting tourists. Hundreds of people visit this lake every day and enjoy here with their friends and families. There are boats available on the lake that can be rented and for refreshments there are lots of choices. The traffic on this lake increased with the construction of the motorway in 1997. People traveling from one city to the other make this a nice stop over.

There is also a Cadet college made in 1998 near this lake called Cadet College Kallar Kahar providing medical engineering and cadet courses. There is also a degree college for Mines diploma in the area.

Lakes of Pakistan-Keenjhar Lake

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Keenjhar lake, thatta

Birth Water type Location Elevation Area Canals Connecting River/s
18th century Fresh water 16 km from Thatta, Sindh 21 m, 69 ft Over 100 sq. miles Aral Wah & Danister River Indus

This is also called Kalri Lake. It is one of the largest in Pakistan. It has a substantial role in the ecology of the River Indus basin. It is also a major source of drinking water for Karachi. The lake has an international fame due to the breeding, wintering and staging of several water birds including European Wigeon, Black Coot, common Pochard etc. The average count of mid winter water birds in 1980’s was 140,000 per winter. It is also an important fishing place and home to many fishermen and their families.

The famous folk lore of Sindh ‘Thee’ is connected to this area. There was once a fisherman’s daughter called Noori. The king Jam Tamachi of Sammah Dynasty fell in love with her and married her. Noori’s shrine was built in the middle of Keenjhar lake and is still there today. Her shrine is known to be dated back around 18th century. The King himself is buried in the Makli Hills. Hundreds of people come from far away areas to visit Noori’s shrine, giving Keenjar lake an added historical importance.

Lakes of Pakistan – Khabikki Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Khabikki Lake - Salt Range

Location Water type Max. Length Max. Width
Southern Salt ange Salt water 3 km 1 km

This lake is situated in the Southern Salt Range area and has salt water. It was formed because of the absence of drains in the salt range. The water was brackish but now it has eventually become sweet and fish of chinese breed is living in it. Many migrating birds come to this lake from far away places. Bird watchers can enjoy siting here for hours. The sunset and sunrise are the most memorable times to be around the lake.

This name is given to this lake because of its neighbouring village. On the right side of the lake is a small hill with greenery and beautiful trees. There are mountains on the other sides and the whole area gives a beautiful picture of Allah’s glory. Boating facilities are also provided for the visitors. And there also is a rest house near the lake in case some one want to stay for a few days. When rain falls in the area this lake really looks like a heavenly place. In summers the trees and plants around the lake add up to its beauty. For local people this lake is a life line because  no canal system  is  avilable in this hilly area.