Pride of Pakistan – Maheen Khan

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Popular Fashion-Designer-Maheen-Khan of Pakistan

Maheen Khan is one of the pioneers of fashion industry in Pakistan. Her career spans over thirty five years and in her long career she has done countless shows both locally and internationally. She has designed clothes for celebrities and socialites. In her own words, her clothes are for the complete woman. Her clothes exude confidence, style and elegance.

Maheen gets inspired by anything that catches her fancy. The prêt collection she showcased in the Milan Fashion Week was inspired by Khyber and the arts and crafts of the region were beautifully used in her clothes. Her collection was simply amazing and very well liked by the Italians. The Italian press called her “the Coco Chanel of the East”. The collection displayed in the Pakistan Fashion Week was based on the old Alfred Hitchcock movie “Murder on the Orient Express”. Maheen also designed costumes for Hollywood movies such as Sweeney Todd and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

She also dressed Benazir Bhutto in the green kameez and white scarf.

Creative and talented, Maheen revolutionized fashion. She is a trend setter, respected and admired by her co workers. Maheen has won many awards in the best designer category such as the Style Icon Award, Lux Style Award and the Benazir Women Excellence Award.

Pride of Pakistan – Hassan Sheharyar Yaseen

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Famous dress designer of Pakistan Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

Hassan Sheharyar Yaseen (HSY) is a leading dress designer of Pakistan who has heavily influenced the fashion scene in the last decade.

Yaseen started off as a fashion choreographer in 1994. He organized many shows both locally and internationally. He later got himself enrolled in the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD) in 1996 and graduated in 2000.

In 2000, Yaseen launched his label HSY which initially produced bridal and formal wear. Gradually Yaseen expanded his horizon and started designing semi formal and casual wear too. Yaseen’s designs are unique, he too like other designers finds inspiration in the rich heritage of Pakistan but his presentation of the conventional is more contemporary yet within the cultural norms. In the world where designs are here today gone tomorrow, he believes in designing timeless dresses.

Yaseen has now started men’s line of clothes as well as the exclusive HSY jewelry. In 10 years, HSY has become a well known fashion house both in Pakistan and abroad especially in Dubai. HSY has two outlets each in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Outside Pakistan HSY can be found in Dubai, Manchester and Houston while outlets in New York and Toronto are being planned.

Yaseen has won the Lux Style Award for the Best Designer in 2005. His clients are the members of the Royal Families as well as elites from South Asia, US and Europe. But Yaseen does not cater to rich people only his line PERT is designed for the middle class as well.

Pride of Pakistan – Amir Zeb Khan

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Ameer Zeb Khan-Model of Pakistan

Amir Zeb Khan is currently the most successful and sought after male model of Pakistan. His family hails from Buner a town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan but is settled in Karachi. From his conservative home town, he has taken a huge leap and is considered as one of the best male models in Pakistan.

Amir Zeb’s story is somewhat similar to the other models. His entry into this glamorous world was by chance. He was introduced to Farieha Altaf, a lady with a considerable influence in the fashion world. She runs a modeling agency and is an event organizer. Amir Zeb did some fashion shows with Farieha. After a break of two years in which he completed his MBA, Amir Zeb was coaxed to make a comeback in the fashion industry by Khawar Riaz a stylist/ photographer from Lahore. From then onwards Amir Zeb’s modeling career sky rocketed and he became a very busy model. Amir Zeb is at present the highest paid ramp male model. Amir Zeb won the prestigious Lux Style Award for the best male model in 2008.

Amir Zeb treats fashion modeling as a hobby and confesses doing it for money and recognition. He works as a Coordination Executive in the PSO.

Pride of Pakistan – Abdullah Ejaz

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Hottest and popular model of Pakistan-Abdullah Ejaz

Abdullah Ejaz is rated as the “hottest male model”. Blessed with good looks and a perfect physique for a model, Abdullah who always aspired to be a model started his career with small assignments. He was not lucky like his peers and had to wait for some time before he could make an impression in the fashion industry. Later his looks and talents as a model were noticed by some big wigs of the fashion industry like Mehdi, HSY and Karma; Abdullah was now on the road of success. Chen One a big fashion house also signed him as their model.

Abdullah has been more successful in print. He knows how to pose in front of cameras and has a certain charisma and the right attitude to make people notice him. Abdullah is also a successful ramp model and looks comfortable in both western and eastern attire. He won the Best Male Model Award in the 5th Sony Ericsson LUX Style Awards, September 2006. Abdullah Ejaz is an example of the fact that fashion industry in Pakistan has come a long way. Not only Pakistan has best of models who have the required talent for this field, the approach towards future is very well aligned with modern requirements of the industry. Abdullah Ejaz has won respect of his followers and fans over the years.